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Fray #3 Comic Review

Fray #3 Comic Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

I am liking the look of Fray a bit more than I did. Fray #3 belongs to Urkonn the goat guy, as he spins a tale of slayers' past and lets our little reluctant duster in on the history.

Author: Joss Whedon

Fray #3 belongs to Urkonn the goat guy, as he spins a tale of slayers past and lets our little reluctant duster in on the history of those nasty lurks. And in the tellin' spills that he isn't actually Melaka's Watcher and that all the real Watchmen have gone bonkers from sitting around waiting for baddies. And just when I think, ya like I know the feeling, I smell that other Nike and something tells me its about to drop as Mel finally comes face to with Icarus.

The Bottom line

I must admit I am liking the look of Fray a bit more than I did. And yes, I know that skinny books are more about splatter than patter but try to imagine Angel with out the Cordy comebacks or Buffy sans the scooby gang. Without the gang these chosen ones are just chicks with sharp sticks. All muscle, no chuckle. I hope, soon, Fray learns to play nice with others so that along with the hijinx, come witty-isms. 'Nuff of the Ready, Steady... I really, really pray #4 is a GO!

Fray #3 Rating:3

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