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Talk-Time with Christian Kane

You know him from Angel and Dawson's Creek - and soon you'll know him from Summer Catch. Christian Kane is a hot, new star who's definitely worth watching. Kidzworld snagged some talk-time with Christian in LA - here's the scoop.

Christian Kane grew up in Oklahoma and was pretty much a jock as a kid. He was involved in football and wrestling but he always had an artistic side and acting was never far from his mind. "I actually knew I was going to come to Los Angeles, even in high school. I just didn't know when," says Christian.

When Christian Kane did head to LA, in his junior year of college, he landed the second audition he went on. Since then he's snagged some choice roles in cable TV movies like Love Song and Crossfire Trail. He's also been on hit shows like Dawson's Creek and Angel, where he plays the infamous Lindsey McDonald, a character he didn't like much in the beginning.

"When I first started on Angel I hated my character. I didn't like Lindsey at all. Suits and ties aren't for me," Chris explains. "But I started telling the writers what I would like, and they started telling me what they would like, and we found a happy medium. It went into a character that was really fun to play and I really started to like the guy."

Lindsey left Los Angeles for parts unknown in the episode titled Dead End, but Christian says that may not be the last of him. "I don't know if I am coming back. I didn't die so there is always a possibility," he admits and adds, "On that show even if you die you could come back as a series regular next year."

It's not like Christian Kane is sitting at home with nothing to do when he's not playing Lindsey. He's made a successful jump into feature films with upcoming roles in Life Or Something Like It with Angelina Jolie and Summer Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr. In both movies he happens to play a baseball player. "Yeah, I don't know how that worked out," laughs Christian. "I'm gonna be Kevin Costner before long."

Acting isn't Christian Kane's only talent. He's the lead singer of a successful LA band called Kane. The band started off small, but have since developed a strong following. Currently they're looking for a larger place to perform and intend to release a demo CD, though Christian can't say when. "We've had release date after release date and I feel so bad. I hate disappointing the fans. Finally I told everyone no more dates until this thing is packaged. They may only get a day's notice, but when the fans hear it from me, when I tell them, that's when it's for real."

So how does someone with so much going on relax? Cooking and blowout BBQs, what else? "I cook big meals two or three times a week, even if its just for me. Also, the band and I will get together like once every two weeks and have big, blowout barbeques," Christian explains. "We know a lot of local musicians and we'll get together in the backyard and we'll have like, seven guitars going and a fiddle, a cello and drumsticks beating on a chair or something. It's a release. I love it."

Christian Kane knows he's got a huge fan following, especially on the net. He's a big supporter of his fan sites and appreciates their loyalty. "I have the best fans, especially because I usually play a jerk in everything I do. It's overwhelming to know that there are so many people out there that follow me anyway. All they see is the bad guy and they never get a chance to see the good guy - unless I do interviews, which I don't do very often."

Christian Kane admits that the first time fans really recognized him, last Christmas in Oklahoma, he got a little freaked out. "I was walking in the mall with my cousin and he pats my shoulder and I turned around and there was just this long line of little girls," Christian says laughing. "When I saw that, I was like 'Whoa we gotta go.' It wasn't that I didn't want to see them, it was the fact that I was getting really self-conscious. You can't pick your nose or grab your butt or anything, you know?"

Check out the follow-up to this interview as we bring you more with Christian Kane. Christian talks all about his role in Summer Catch, how he helps Mandy Moore and her boyfriend celebrate their one-year anniversary and what "trademark" he manages to slip into all his roles.

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