Jereme Rogers Biography

Jereme Rogers is one of the most up-and-coming skateboarders on the cicuit right now.
Jereme Rogers

Birthdate: January 13, 1985
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

With his wide arsenal of tricks and tattoos, this rising skateboarder is hard to miss. Kidzworld's got the inside scoop on Jereme!

Growing Up

Jereme Rogers was born and raised in Boston. He was turned on to skateboarding by his friends who all skated. When he was 13 years old, his dad gave him his first skateboard. Jeremy spent around 10 hours a day on his board cruising all over Boston. It wasn't long until this teen sensation was doing flip tricks down sets of stairs and buildings. He moved to California when he was 15 to focus on his skating career. Jereme quickly established himself on the westcoast as he started riding with another up-and-comer, Paul Rodriguez Jr., and scored himself sponsorships to Girl Skateboards and DVS Shoes.


Jereme spent most of his first few years in Cali making skating videos. He officially became a professional in 2005, when he took the circuit by storm by winning the prestigious TransWorld Skateboarding Rookie of the Year award. That year, he also won his first pro contest by dominating the 2005 Tampa Pro Am. Jereme won back-to-back titles at the 2005 and 2006 Goofy vs. Regular contest and took home the 2005 World Cup of Skateboarding title. He is also one of the more familiar faces at the X Games and AST Dew Tour - where he consistently places in the top 10.

Riding Style

Jereme has the unique ability to switch up his style of skating. Looking at his skating videos, you know he can go freestyling on the streets. He has a lot of tricks and stunts in his arsenal, but Jereme can also keep it organized in competitions. He is the master of the switch-stance.

Unique Look

Looks can be deceiving. At first glace, you might think Jereme is a tough guy with his tattoos and flashy jewelry, but Jereme is a humble dude who is kind and open with all of his fans. He is also a devout Christian and plans to be a minister when he is done with professional skateboarding. Jereme is a true role model for all kids, whether they skateboard or not.

Did U Know?

  • Jereme Rogers is 5'10" tall and weighs 150 pounds.
  • Jereme Rogers' favorite book is the Bible.
  • Jereme Rogers has the words "Fear No Man" tattooed on one side of his neck, and "In God I Trust" on the other side.
  • Jereme Rogers' sponsors include Plan B, Billabong, DVS, Royal, Diamond, Modern Wheels, Monster Energy Drink and Boost Mobile.
  • Jereme Rogers was featured in the video Game Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.
  • Jereme Rogers is engaged.
  • Jereme Says...

    "Yeah, I'm satisfied with my skating and I don’t really care if someone else is out there getting way gnarlier as long as I'm alright and on my point. I mean, everyone has those times when they slump and are a little rusty, I just try and sustain and remain on point, always getting better than you were two days ago or something."

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