The World's Most Polluted Places

The whole planet is affected by our current environmental problems, but some places need more help than others. Here are some of the most ravaged environments in the world. Back to Article

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CaptSurge wrote:
2014-04-27 04:21:46 -0700

Chernobyl was a lot more deadly than kW says, in the plant it was a full staff at work that day, after two brave divers gave up their lives to shut off connection with the water line, helicopters dropped sand to cool the fire, resulting in the sand turning into liquid glass, after the disaster, there were several accounts of birth defects.

PotatoesGonnaPotate wrote:
2013-04-23 15:46:23 -0700

Glad my country isn't there..

pinkblusher123 wrote:
2013-04-20 08:59:46 -0700

So true winter

redyellow wrote:
2013-04-20 08:53:23 -0700

i thought my country would be there

winter8193 wrote:
2012-07-27 21:50:16 -0700

This is so sad people need to take care of the earth!

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How Will You Spend Earth Day?

  • Plant flowers and trees.
  • Educate everyone about keeping our planet clean.
  • Watch movies about the outdoors and eat off recycled paper plates.
  • Clean up trash around my neighborhood.

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