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Sisters and Slammers

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Sisters and Slammers - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Venus lays a beating on her younger sister and Barry sends his friend swimming for a homerun ball. Heres a look at the slammin sisters and homerun hitters from the world of sports.

Venus lays a beating on her younger sister and Barry sends his friend swimming for a homerun ball. Here's a look at the slammin' sisters and homerun hitters from the world of sports.
1The Williams' sisters went toe-to-toe in the women's final of the US Open tennis tournament. Venus defeated her younger sis, Serena, in straight sets to win her second straight US Open. It didn't really seem like either sister was trying too hard. Maybe it's tough to have that killer instinct when you're playing against your sister - but Serena was playing like she was afraid to win in case her older sister got mad and beat her up later. Then even hugged and said, "I love you" after the game. How lame. Whatever happened to sibling rivalry? The all-sister showdown was the first time two sisters had played against each other in a US Open final since 1884.
1 In the men's final, Pistol Pete Sampras was outgunned by Leyton Hewitt of Australia. Leyton, who is just 20, made Pete look like a tired old man by mopping his butt all over the court and winning in straight sets. This is the first year Pete hasn't won a major title since 1992.
1 Barry Bonds is getting close to tying or beating Mark McGwire's record for most homeruns in a season (Mark hit 70 in 1998.) Barry smoked three homeruns at Coors Field in Colorado on September 10th to give him 63 for the season. The first homer he hit landed in a fountain at the back of Coors Field. A friend of Barry's swam eight feet to the bottom of the fountain to pick up the souvenir ball. He also found seven other baseballs, 20 cents and the lost city of Atlantis.
1The 2001 NFL season kicked off on September 9th. The Baltimore Ravens began their quest for another Super Bowl title by beating the Chicago Bears 17 - 6. The San Diego Chargers won their season opener, 30 - 3, over the Washington Redskins. The Chargers already have as many wins this year as they did last year when they were a pathetic, 1 - 15.
1 Mia Hamm needed just one minute to prove to the world why she's one of the best female soccer players in the world. Mia scored two goals in 60 seconds on September 9th to help the United States pound Germany 4 -1 at the US Women's Cup.

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