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AST Dew Tour

Are you ready for the hottest action sports event of the summer? Kidzworld's gots the who, what, when, where and why's of the much anticipated Dew Tour!

The 411

In 2005, the first ever action sports tour was created. Every year, the AST Dew Tour hits up five major U.S. cities within a five-month span. The Dew Tour features skateboarding (park and vert), BMX (pare, vert and dirt) and freestyle motocross. More than 150 of the world's finest action sports stars like Ryan Sheckler, Shaun White and Nate Adams will compete for the highly coveted Dew Cup and of course, the cash! The AST Dew Tour dishes out nearly $3.5 million in prize money - the highest in any action sports event. This tour has truly gone worldwide - it is broadcasted in over 100 countries!

The Points System

Whether you are a skateboarder, BMX biker or motocross rider, you will receive points based on your final standings of the event. A maximum of 500 points can be earned per discipline throughout the Dew Tour. The athletes with the highest total points from all five tour spots, will be crowned Dew Cup Champions at the end of the tour.

Who to Watch For

If you are an action sports fan, then the Dew Tour is your heaven. There are so many big names that will be on this tour its ridiculous. In the skate vert events you not only got Shaun White but Bucky Lasek and up-and-coming Frenchman, Jean Postec. Ryan Sheckler headlines the skate park, but his good buddy Jereme Rogers could give him a run for his money. And keep an eye out for rookie, Chaz Ortiz, who dominated the Free Flow Tour last year - the Dew Tour's amateur series. Look for Jaime Bestwick to continue his Dew Tour dominance in the BMX vert and it could be a two man race in the BMX park between veteran Dave Mirra and rising superstar Mike Spinner. Also keep an eye out for Mike Mason and Nate Adams in the FMX. Both riders should put on an amazing show!

All For the Fans

For those lucky enough to catch the Tour live are in for a major treat. On top of watching the greatest action sports stars, the Tour also provides the ultimate interactive experience. In each stop, there will be a Festival Village set up. In there, kids can meet athletes and get autographs and can even test out dirtbikes. Fans will also be treated free concerts. On the tour's first stop in Baltimore, Good Charlotte will be performing live from the AST Dew Tour! Check this video!

Fun Facts

  • BMX rider Jamie Bestwick has the most wins in the history of the Dew Tour with 11. In 2005, he scored a 97.75 - which is the highest score ever at the tour.
  • 765,586 people have attended the Dew Tour in the past three years.
  • There are athletes from 23 different countries represented at the Dew Tour.
  • 14-year-old, Chad Ortiz, is the youngest athlete of the Tour.
  • BMX rider, Dennis McCoy, is the oldest athlete on Tour at 42-years-old.
  • Tour Stops

  • Jun. 19-22: Panasonic Open - Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Jul. 17-20: Right Guard Open - Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Aug. 21-24: Wendy's Invitational - Portland, Oregon.
  • Sep. 11-14: Toyota Challenge - Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Oct. 16-19: PlayStation Pro - Baltimore, Maryland.

  • For more information about the AST Dew Tour visit www.ast.com.
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