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This Week in Sports :: September 15-19, 2008

Josh Howard can't seem to do anything right this summer. This time the Dallas Mavericks star makes a disrespectful remark about the national anthem.

Josh Howard Screws Up Again

It has been a long summer for the Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard. At the end of last season, Howard was criticized for admitting marijuana use and because he threw himself a late night birthday party the night before an important playoff game. This summer, Howard was arrested for racing his car on the street. Also this week, a video surfaced around the internet with Josh clowning around with friends during a charity flag football game. In the video, Josh said he doesn't celebrate the national anthem because he's black. His comments have not been received well by the public and media. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago, Josh was one of the most popular players in the league.

Rough Start for Chargers

Before the 2008 NFL season started many experts and fans were predicting the San Diego Chargers could win the Super Bowl this year. But two weeks into the season, the Chargers are at 0-2. Both defeats have been close games that were decided on the final play. On September 1, a last second 14 yard pass from Jake Delhomme to Dante Rosario cost San Diego the game, 26-24. Last week, the Chargers were victims of a referee error when they lost to the Denver Broncos 38-39. A referee blew the whistle prematurely as the Broncos' quarterback Jay Cutler fumbled the ball during a critical play late in the fourth quarter. Because of the error, the Broncos got another chance and scored a touchdown to steal the game. The Chargers are looking to get their first win on Sunday as they host Brett Favre and the New York Jets.

Boxer Comes Out of Coma

Two months ago, welterweight boxer Oscar Diaz suffered a devastating brain injury from a fight against Delvin Rodriguez. The boxer was immediately placed in critical condition and spent the last two months in a coma. But miraculously, Diaz has awakened from that coma and is breathing on his own. On Thursday, a San Antonio University Hospital spokesperson said Diaz has been upgraded from critical to stable condition. Prior to the injury, the 25-year-old fighter was 26-3 with 12 KOs. He collapsed in his corner following the 10th round of a TKO loss to Delvin Rodriguez on a nationally televised fight on July 16.

Notes Around the Sports World

  • After missing the majority of last season, Gilbert Arenas will end up missing the first two months of the 2008-'09 NBA season due to a knee injury. Over the offseason, Arenas signed a long term, $111 million contract with the Wizards.
  • The race for the NL East is in full gear as the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets have identical records coming into the final stretch. As of Friday, The Phillies are 86-67 and the Mets are 85-67.
  • The University of Colorado's football team upset the 21-ranked West Virginia Mountaineers 17-14 at their home stadium on Thursday. The Buffalos are now 3-0 to start the season.
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    Sports In The Forums

    "FBGirl" wrote:I like cheerleading, but definitely NOT a sport! Sports are physical activity with competition and GEAR. The closest thing cheerleaders have to gear are pom-poms. And, yeah. Boys CAN cheerlead, but chances are they will be made fun of(not by me). Cheerleaders do A LOT of physical cheers and stunts, and we use ourselves instead of gear. A lot and most people underestimate cheerleaders for just some girls with poms and uniforms going "go team! yay!" because they have seen that in movies and tv. look up some cheer comp videos and still only some people with change their view of cheerleaders as girls on the sidelines doing uncreative cheers and stupid words to match. I hope this helped you understand a little bit more about cheerleading and cheerleaders. Peace Out!
    reply about 6 hours
    "lamiraclelemiracle" wrote:no cheering is not a sport it's something to turn people and the players up I was a cheerleader for 2 years (before I aged out) and we do not only wave pom poms int the air and yell "go team!!". All cheerleaders and coaches put A LOT of effort and time into making and practicing cheers. It is true that cheerleaders turn people and the players on...but it's much more than that. it's about having fun, teamwork, having some more fun, getting some exercise (uh that kinda makes it a sport right?), and great times with the other girls on your squad.   Rant over lol
    reply about 6 hours
    Lolly20 posted in Xtreme Sports:
    of coarse girls can be stronger than boys but some are not :wave
    reply 3 days
    How the game works: you roast the favorite american football player of the person above you  EXAMPLE: Mathew Stafford LIONS QB USER BELOW: hes the worst qb in nfl did you know that? Ok first person to reply roasts my player:  Favorite NFL Player: Antonio Brown #84 Pittsburgh Steelers
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    Lolly20 posted in Cheerleading:
    as long as they r happy i think it is fine :)
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