Room Tech Beingz Mood Lamp Review

Room Tech Beingz Mood Lamp Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 12, 2008
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Your room is more than a place to sleep ― it’s also where you get to express yourself best. So why not have a lamp that can “express” itself, too?

Your room is more than a place to sleep ― it’s also where you get to express yourself best. So why not have a lamp that can “express” itself, too?

This super-cool mood lamp from Room Tech Beingz features four different light modes you can choose from, depending on your own mood, and will light up on its own when the room is dark or when you touch it. The Beingz Mood Lamp has animated light effects that let you know how its feeling, too, especially when it reacts to your touch and your music. With its cool colours and glowing feet, the Beingz Mood Lamp will even interact with and “talk” to other Beingz you may have in your room (each sold separately). Talk about a funky fixture!

Thumbs up:

  • This stylish, “space age” lamp comes to life with animated light effects and interactive responses to your touch and your music.

  • Features four different light modes to suit your mood.

  • Includes instructions and four AA batteries.

  • Thumbs down:

  • If you have other Beingz characters, the “talk” feature works only when they are within 15 feet of each other and not blocked by any walls or furniture.

  • Rating: 5
    Age: 8 and up
    Price Range: 3

    Price Range Legend
    $0-$15 = 1
    $16-$30 = 2
    $31-$45 = 3
    $46-$60 = 4
    $60+ = 5

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