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Mummy, I'm Home!

The remains of a mummy thought to belong to a queen who ruled 4,300 years ago have been discovered in Egypt.

Archaeologists discovered the body of Queen Seshestet in a pyramid in Saqqara.

The Queen’s name wasn't with her remains, but Egypt's top archaeologist Zahi Hawass said: "All the signs indicate that she is Seshestet.”

Experts believe Queen Seshestet ruled Egypt for 11 years and was one of only a few female pharaohs.

Mr. Hawass said it took five hours to open the sarcophagus – a special coffin made of stone – where the remains were found wrapped in linen, pottery and gold wrappings. All the valuables that are usually placed inside a pharaoh’s sarcophagus had already been stolen by grave robbers.

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If You Were a Mummy, Why Would You Come Back?

  • For love.
  • For revenge.
  • To bring more clothes to the afterlife.
  • To scare people.

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