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Deadly E-mail

A number of students from the same school were recently sent a scary fake e-mail from someone pretending to be a 16-year-old bully.

Kids at a junior school in Cornwall, England, told teachers they had received a strange message in their inboxes from a girl claiming she’d hurt them if they didn’t forward the message to 24 people in 15 minutes.

The kids who opened the message said they were scared; some couldn’t sleep at night because they were worried the e-mail might be true.

E-mails that ask you to pass the message on to others are called chain e-mails. IT experts say the best thing to do about these kinds of messages is to tell an adult right away and not worry about what they say or tell you to do – just hit “delete.”

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Did You Fall For This Email Con?

  • Yes. I sent it to all my friends.
  • Not a chance. I deleted it right away.
  • I considered sending it around, but won't now.
  • I never received this email.

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