Alyson Hannigan Biography

She's been the band camp-loving, Michelle and the unforgettable, wiccan goddess, Willow. Find out all about Alyson Hannigan, here! Back to Article

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Best Witchy Spell? Vote If U Dare!

  • Turn my mom into a toad.
  • Turn my dad into a skunk.
  • Clean room spell.
  • Love spell on Lil Bow Wow.

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TyleroflxXx posted in TV Shows:
Anyone Watching The Leftovers or Glue?
reply 13 minutes
LAZY778 posted in TV Shows:
Neither. Their both boring.
reply 26 minutes
bernese7 posted in Movies:
I like both of them.
reply about 3 hours
wrong song but... tangled is the best,the only reason I like brave is because im an archer like her
reply about 3 hours
disney princess
disney princess posted in Movies:
Tangled ^^
reply about 4 hours