Dream Room Designer Book Review

Dream Room Designer Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 18, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Dream Room Designer by Tim Bugbird is a fun and unique “book” published by Scholastic. With this interactive guide, you can be your own designer! The book (which is actually more like a kit for all you budding interior decorating divas out there) come

Dream Room Designer by Tim Bugbird is a fun and unique “book” published by Scholastic. With this interactive guide, you can be your own designer! The book (which is actually more like a kit for all you budding interior decorating divas out there) comes stuffed with amazing tips and great ideas for fun things you can make and do to give your bedroom a complete design makeover!

The Dream Room Designer package, which has a funky, sparkly cover and a handy Velcro tab that holds all of its contents safe and snug inside, includes the following tools and accessories that will help turn you into a totally trendy designer

The Dream Room Handbook

This handbook is specially designed to help you create a room that’s just for you. It includes information and advice to help you find out what your unique decorating style is (from funky to cute to cozy – take the test to find out!), tips on how to create a unique theme and a fabulous look for your new room, instructions on making a cool hanging mobile for your room, great ideas for keeping everything in your room organized, neat and tidy, a planner to help you map out your new room before you put your ideas into action, and a dream room model maker so you can see your new room in miniature detail before carrying out the full-size makeover.

Make Your Own Dream Room Model

This amazing 3-D tool folds out to help you to envision your room before you actually splash a new coat of paint on the walls and move all your furniture around.

Design Tools

These are tucked into a handy pocket on the inside of the book, and include the following:

  • Style wheel
  • Furniture models
  • Cool wall and floor coverings
  • Stickers
  • And more…

  • Get your hands on this unique and fun activity book and discover your own personal style, create great looks and themes, and design a room that’s just for you!

    Dream Room Designer Rating: 4

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