Amazing Academy : Survival :: Book Review

This book is part of a series from the Amazing Academy – the school that teaches you everything you really need to know! Not only does the Amazing Academy publish cool books about all sorts of neat stuff, it also hosts a member-based website at www.amaz Back to Article

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Fave Way To Explore?

  • I like to read about everything, people, places and other worlds.
  • Read about it? I'm all about the walk about. Just hit the road and do it. (Well maybe when I finish school!)
  • I do all my globetrotting watching the Amazing Race.

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the child isn't even a child yet, it's an egg. ugh, why do most people not get this??
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I agree with you we should all wear uniforms, it looks official and as you said not everyone can afford trendy clothes.
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Everyone thinks about the mother,but not about the child!
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lol, k.
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