Happily N’ever After 2: Snow White: Another Bite @ The Apple :: DVD Review

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Happily N’ever After 2: Snow White: Another Bite @ The Apple :: DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 21, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Great news kids! All your fave characters are back for even more hilarity, fun and crazy adventures in Happily N’ever After 2, a twisted fairy re-telling of the classic story of Snow White.

Great news kids! All your fave characters are back for even more hilarity, fun and crazy adventures in Happily N’ever After 2, a twisted fairy re-telling of the classic story of Snow White.

Snow White: Another Bite @ the Apple, is the DVD sequel to Happily N’ever After. You’ll be reunited with characters like the Seven Dwarves and Rumpelstiltskin, and meet brand-new friends like Mambo and Munk (hilarious!).

This time, Princess Snow White is a misguided teen who’d rather go out and have fun with her friends Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Little Bo Peep than help the peasants in her kingdom. But, while she’s chillin’ with her friends at nightclubs, acting like a spoiled and rebellious teenager who overuses her cell phone her dad, the king, is matched up with Lady Vain – a scheming witch who’s got her sights set on ruling the land. Suddenly, Snow White becomes the unwanted step-daughter, and she soon gets tricked by Lady Vain (who’s recruited mean old Rumpelstiltskin to help her) into spreading rumors about the townspeople, and Snow White has to flee.

Luckily, Snow meets up with the good old Seven Dwarves, who help her learn the value of helping others rather than always focusing on just herself – she even helps the Three Little Pigs rebuild their home (which was destroyed by the Big Bad Wolf). Once she’s learned this important lesson, the princess decides she must stop her dad from marrying the evil witch Vain. With sidekicks Mambo and Munk (seriously, these two are too funny!), Snow White proves she can rule the kingdom while bringing balance back to the scales of good and evil.

Bonus Features

This straight-to-DVD movie comes with a bunch of cool bonus features on disc:

  • Snow White and the Great Hall Game: Use tips and hints from Mambo and Munk to make your way down the great hall while Rumpelstiltskin tries to blast you with dark magic.
  • Red Riding Hood Challenge: Use Red’s basket of goodies to see if you can keep track of the different apples that come and go.
  • Bo Beep and the Sheep: Test your memory with visual challenges and help Bo Beep find her beloved little sheep!

  • DVD Rating: 5

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