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Property Charts for the Planets

This small, rocky planet looks a lot like our moon. Mercury is the second smallest planet in our solar system and is named after Mercury, the Roman messenger to the gods. If the sun didn't toast you first, there'd be some really cool mountain climbing on Mercury

Properties of Mercury
Mass 3.303 x 1023 kg
Average Distance from Sun 57.9 million kms/36 million miles
Minimum Distance from Earth 77.3 million kms/48.0 million miles
Length of Year 88 Earth days (to rotate the sun)
Rotation Time 59 Earth days (on its own axis)
Angle of Axis 2 degrees
Diameter 4,878 kms/3,031 miles
Number of Satellites 0
Number of Rings 0
Number of Moons 0
Temperature Average of -270 F to 800 F/-168 C to 427 C
Weight on Mercury A 100 pound person would weigh 37.8 pounds




Venus looks a lot like Earth. Venus looks a lot like Earth. There are mountains, valleys and even active volcanoes - except there's no ocean. One thing to keep in mind when watching a sunset on Venus is that Venus spins backwards so the sun rises in the west and sets in east, which is the opposite of Earth.




Properties of Venus
Mass 4.86x1024 kg
Average Distance from Sun 108.2 million kms/67.2 million miles
Minimum Distance from Earth 39 million kms/25 million miles
Length of Year 225 Earth days (to rotate the sun)
Rotation Time 243 Earth days (on its own axis)
Angle of Axis 177.3 degrees
Diameter 12,102 kms/7,520 miles
Number of Satellites 0
Number of Rings 0
Number of Moons 0
Temperature Average of 457 Fahrenheit/855 Celsius
Weight on Venus A 100 pound person would weigh 90.7 pounds


For the property charts on the rest of the planets, click here.

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