Washroom Woes

An argument’s broken out about where astronauts can go to the washroom at the International Space Station (ISS).

American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts used to share the facilities on board, but now politicians are said to have told them that’s got to stop.

Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka has been grumbling about being told to avoid using the American washroom because of an argument over who pays for what in space.

Padalka said things started to change after Russia started charging America for sending its cosmonauts into space.

Before his latest mission to the ISS he said he was also told he couldn't use the American gym to keep fit and the American and Russian space crews had to eat their own rations.

Padalka said they were doing their best to deal with it, but the situation was affecting the crew’s morale.

"Cosmonauts are above the ongoing squabble, no matter what officials decide," he said. "It's politicians and bureaucrats who can't reach agreement, not us."

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