Dear Dish-It: My BFF Is Trying To Blackmail Me

My BFF started spreading rumors about me. She told everyone I was dating my crush on my bus, which is a lie. Then, out of nowhere, she accused me of being a lying mean girl. I just walked away and ignored it. Should I be mad at her because she's constantl Back to Article

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Surfs_Up_Girl wrote:
2014-08-03 11:33:02 -0700

Never happened with me, but it hurts to find out that your best friend is actually blackmailing you.

loveisthesea132 wrote:
2014-02-06 18:09:24 -0800

Once I told my bff (now bff for NEVER) who I had a crush on, and then she ran into the room full of everyone there I knew (including my crush) and yelled who my crush is. New rule "dont tell people your crush". so yea, dont trust people your friends dont trust.

--Amy-Rose--Silver-Wolf-- wrote:
2014-02-06 07:35:57 -0800

my bff once pranked me and faked jealousy of one of my new friend. we made up tho. this was november of last year

glittersilly01 wrote:
2014-02-06 07:22:44 -0800

I would be very angry and i wouldn't be trying to
get back friends with her i would make new friends and if she didn't stop then tell her parents.

Ginnyweasley12 wrote:
2013-08-23 21:10:49 -0700

bad situation.....

JennyD wrote:
2013-08-23 19:30:09 -0700

I would be mad but she is my BFF so I've got some power over her

Adeloopy wrote:
2013-06-03 11:49:19 -0700

Thank you that edvice really saved me

-MorganIsAmazing wrote:
2012-11-13 15:26:18 -0800

ilu too Kaitlynnnnnnnn

-SlowlyFadeAway- wrote:
2012-11-13 12:39:11 -0800

My best friend Tara and Chloe would never do this. I LOVE YOU TARA AND CHLOE!!!

toya2wild67_2187171 wrote:
2012-07-27 16:29:04 -0700

all i got to say is that she isn't your bff at all if she's going to do that so you shouldn't talk to her if she's not going to be a real friend

princetons gurlfriend
princetons gurlfriend wrote:
2012-07-24 20:13:21 -0700

if she wants to be rude like tht then be rude back dont even try to talk to the gurl until she admits she waz wrong thts wat i do

LoVeLyBoB wrote:
2012-07-24 09:45:25 -0700

just ask y shes doin it... then just try to stay with ur true friends. if ur true friends are REALLY ur TRUE friends then they wont believe what shes sayin

Sparksfly33 wrote:
2012-07-24 09:33:59 -0700

Yeh that's why I'm more friends with guys than girls,there's "less drama".They don't go all sad and hating if I forgot to invite them to my party.o.o

koolkk411 wrote:
2012-07-24 09:32:22 -0700

give her a fat lip n c how much smack she talks then

cecemariebaby wrote:
2012-07-24 09:30:41 -0700


E m m a.-
E m m a.- wrote:
2012-07-24 09:30:01 -0700

haha. samee ;D but Lindsay Lohan is in it and shes a megaa biiitch to me c;

Zach.Owns.Her wrote:
2012-07-24 09:29:35 -0700


cecemariebaby wrote:
2012-07-24 09:29:13 -0700

Some girls bring dramma. I Have more guy friends than girls xD ehhhh

Zach.Owns.Her wrote:
2012-07-24 09:27:07 -0700

I love the movie "mean girls" tho. Its

E m m a.-
E m m a.- wrote:
2012-07-24 09:26:19 -0700

girls are mean. some are beitches. thats why i hangout with mostly guys haha xD

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I'm really sorry you have to do through this and that you think you have to go through this alone. But I'm here. Maybe you should move with your dad. It would be safer for you there then with your mom. People say, that the people who you love are the one's who hurt you the most. But not in this case, your parents and the one's around you should be the reason you want to live. They should encourage you to do better, and not get mad when you don't succeed the first time. I understand what you're going through, and if you ever need me, I'm here. I am willing to talk, and sometimes, talking is all it needs to brighten someone's day. So please, come and talk to me. Just.. talk to your dad and see if you can move now, explain to him what's happening.
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There are millions of things that she does to me to hurt me. She hits a lot for no reason, she always says I'm 'talking back' when I'm just trying to explain in a polite way. She takes sides. When I yell at my 5 year old sister, She freaks out and grounds me it even worse hits me. When my sister yells at me or hits me, all she says is 'sweetie don't hit that brat'. And I'm not exaggerating cause she always does these things. The list can go on and on. When My mom calls me names or hurts my feelings and then I start crying, she calls me 'bratty' and other mean words, and she wonders why I have low self-esteem. I mean, people have feelings too. She thinks the world revolves around her. And when she's sad or angry, she wants me to comfort her. She hurts my feelings so bad that I just want to die. And shell probably be mad at me for dying. I can't take it. Ugh. And I have to deal with her for one more year, then im moving with My dad. Not like she'll miss me.
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i like all hairstyles
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