Hall of Shame - Embarrassing Moments

I was wearing a loose tankini and they all dared me to do a major canonball - of course I did. But when I came up I didn't realize that my top had come off so I came up and everyone saw my chest. Back to Article

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pepe0919 wrote:
2011-11-23 06:36:56 -0800

i was in my school and it was my first day in 4th grade and i was wearing my white skirt and all of a sudden you just saw red on my skirt and it was running down my leg . no one lets me go a whole conversation with out saying " hey remember when you got your period for the first time ?" i blush beet red everytime

RachelWaterblade wrote:
2011-11-20 17:32:22 -0800

i sometimes end up saying something out loud and i don't mean to say it out loud. D= then everyone looks at me like i'm crazy - well, some people. =P

chipmunk007 wrote:
2011-11-13 01:08:26 -0800

Well we were doing this play and in rehersal i had to go and sit at the front so i did my line and when i got back to my seat everyone was in stitches so i asked my friend what everyone was laughing at and she said that my skirt had been tucked into my knickers and the whole class had seen which was pretty embarrassing. Dazed

quinnrocks12 wrote:
2011-11-10 18:17:45 -0800

once i almost drowned at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta and this really cute guy saw the whole thing. So embarrasing!

FearlessGirl wrote:
2011-11-08 07:05:52 -0800

I was in fifth grade and we had second grade buddies. I had to tell them a memoir about my trip to the beach and I went far in the water and i got knocked over by 5 waves in a row. Then my dad had to come save me because the lifeguard was to busy daydreaming. I thought that waas emmbarassing.

kayla2018 wrote:
2011-11-06 06:05:20 -0800

one time i was at the beach and i saw this huge wave then i started running but not fast enough so the wave hit me and i fell when i got up my bottom had fell off then the hole beach saw my butt

kayzam wrote:
2011-11-02 02:34:08 -0700

will for get it

kayzam wrote:
2011-11-02 02:33:05 -0700

hold] had to go real bad my t/w were not white no more i was seven at the time never will for get that Embarrassed

kwluver01 wrote:
2011-10-30 07:20:40 -0700

Omg this is halarious!!!!!!!!!

raeleen_1873962 wrote:
2011-10-29 19:08:42 -0700


SunnyGSmilez wrote:
2011-10-29 18:31:08 -0700

OMG this was soo embarrasing!!ok when i was walking with my twin and a couple of friends they dared me to roll on the floor and i did!!when cars were passing by i was soo crazy!

raeleen_1873962 wrote:
2011-10-29 18:18:35 -0700

Ok this is embarrasing I was running really fast and then I didn't c this puddle and I slipped and fell it was emembarrasing and my shorts were wet for the hole day

monster master 06
monster master 06 wrote:
2011-10-29 09:23:37 -0700


jojok345 wrote:
2011-10-28 16:21:13 -0700

i was about to kiss this guy i liked and i accidentally sneezed in his mouth

bestdncer wrote:
2011-10-28 12:20:28 -0700

when i was in 3rd grade i told my friend my crush than yesterday (IM in 5th grade now) she went down to the main office and everybody heard it on the pa

goldenstar786 wrote:
2011-10-19 08:44:40 -0700

once there were guest in my house and i was putting the food down and i nearly slipped Tongue Out

samantha is cool
samantha is cool wrote:
2011-10-18 05:05:17 -0700

one time at my bday party we all jumped off the deck and land on the ground with our feet so i jump off and a nail hooked on my baithing suit so when i jumped off my favorite baithing suit tore up and my friends started to laugh and i started to cry and they called me sponge bob

punkloss wrote:
2011-10-17 09:27:35 -0700

Once i was doing singing wih my class and whenwe started i started e\arly so evey 1 head me sing Frown

coritz wrote:
2011-10-15 20:30:40 -0700

i dived off the high dive face first i hit the water without breaking the water tension
i came up my face was red and my bathing suit bottom came off my friend luke swam by and said
"hey cool i have your tankini bottom and made go out of the water to chase him

goofygrl_13 wrote:
2011-10-15 15:17:19 -0700

hahaha i gues mine isnt so bad caus i was at campp so i dint hav ta c the buys at school aftr

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Hall of Shame - Pick the Winner!

  • Getting caught singing the Frosted Flakes song.
  • Getting caught by your crush singing a goofy song.
  • Losing your tankini in front of your BF's friends.
  • Having people think you said you like a dorky guy.

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