Music Buzz #16

This weekend it's Super Bowl Sunday which means the whole weekend's jam-packed with musical performances by No Doubt, U2, Ja Rule and others. Britney's new commercial is gonna air too! Back to Article

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wreastlingfan619 wrote:
2013-07-20 05:13:15 -0700

the beatles and green day will always be #1 in my opinion

queenkiki wrote:
2012-09-23 06:34:41 -0700

Who r these ppl

jayjay288 wrote:
2012-09-23 06:27:29 -0700

I dont know any of these pll

iMayback Ace Swagg124
iMayback Ace Swagg124 wrote:
2012-09-23 00:21:15 -0700

Including My baby Gracce Thoo ( ;

iMayback Ace Swagg124
iMayback Ace Swagg124 wrote:
2012-09-23 00:20:47 -0700

iooon even knowhy i wen to this buh i kinda figured you liked msic buhh if you on mah friends list and you up right now ( : , You Dope As'h ! # Real Nigguhs Never leep , #True Shid

mama605 wrote:
2011-09-21 15:42:18 -0700

aw cute pics smile Love Wink Cool Big Grin

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Best Super Bowl Event? Vote!

  • Guessing the winning team.
  • Eating chips, pizza and pop all day.
  • Checking out the cheerleaders.
  • Watching cool commercials!

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Tired lol
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"SekaiHeiwa" wrote:I absolutely HATE the cycle of new consoles and how today's kids have no respect for the older consoles before them. It goes like this:New console is released, people like it. Sales of old console still persists.Many games are released for said new console. People buy more of that new console, but games for the old console still arrive.More games for the new one, less games for the old one.The old console doesn't become popular anymore.Rinse and repeat.Who agrees? Well....... :( sorry... I like old consoles(well....some.....)  and new ones because they're like updates! Like the wii. Now theres a wii u! but still, its true, what you said!
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Tired of these fakes on KW 
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