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How Do You Spell G E E K? Book Review

How Do You Spell G E E K? Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on May 03, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

A new book called “How Do You Spell G E E K?” by Julie Anne Peters has been published, and it makes a great read for kids who are about eight to 14 years old (but anyone who reads it will love it, really). The book is about a girl who is forced to cho

A new book called “How Do You Spell G E E K?” by Julie Anne Peters has been published, and it makes a great read for kids who are about eight to 14 years old (but anyone who reads it will love it, really). The book is about a girl who is forced to choose between friendship and her dreams to win the National Spelling Bee.

The Story

Ann is the main character or heroine of this book. She and her BFF – a girl named Kimberly – are both in Grade 8 and both have the same dream: to make it to the National Spelling Bee that’s held each and every year in the country’s capitol – Washington, DC.

But the Spelling Bee only lets kids participate who are in Grade 8 or younger, so Ann and Kimberly practice their spelling day and night since it is the last year they can qualify for the competition.

Then, Ann is assigned to show a brand-new student around their school – the girl’s name is Lurlee.

Well, it turns out that the new girl, Lurlee, is an AMAZING speller. Like totally and completely awesome at it. Because of this, Ann is suddenly put in a really tough spot, and she finds that her close friendship with Kimberly and her chances of winning the National Spelling Bee are put to the ultimate test.

You see, if the three girls – Ann, Kimberly and Lurlee – end up competing in the National Spelling Bee against each other for the top prize of best speller in the country, it can spell only one thing: t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Other T-R-O-U-B-L-E

How Do You Spell G E E K? mixes in a combination of problems lots of kids deal with in real life, along with the excitement and stress the three girls experience as they work their way to Washington, DC for the National Spelling Bee.

Kimberly, who is brilliant and has an amazing spelling ability, is also the daughter of two very pushy parents who put a ton of stress on her to be the best.

Ann, who so desperately wants to compete in the Bee, is dealing with another major event in her life: the sudden divorce of her parents.

And Lurleen, the new girl at school, is having a really tough time fitting in among her new classmates. She’s moved to town from South Dakota, where she was home-schooled by her parents and always wore braids and knee socks – so not the style of the kids in her new class.

The Author

Julie Anne Peters is actually the author of a few other books for kids and young adults (YA), including:
  • Keeping You A Secret
  • Between Mom And Jo
  • Far From Xanadu
  • Define “Normal”
  • Luna

  • Check them out!

    How Do You Spell G E E K? Rating: 5

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