Top 5 Albums for May 2009

Not sure what to listen to this month? Kidzworld fills you in! Here are Kidzworld's Top 5 Albums for May 2009:


Katy Perry – One of the Boys


Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted


Taylor Swift – Fearless


Lady Gaga – The Fame


Hannah Montana soundtrack

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    Which Album Will You Buy?

    • Hannah Montana!
    • Kellie Pickler's Small Town Girl.
    • Both.
    • Neither.

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    raisa_da_rosie posted in Movies:
    Twilight the best as always!!!
    reply 39 minutes
    -Gwen9-- posted in Latest Trends:
    - Miranda Sings- BF vs. GF- Nala Prince
    reply about 4 hours
    Kleviar posted in Latest Trends:
    Dantdm,Stampy,EthanGamerTV,PhireFoxRBLX,SSundee (includes MrCrainer),Elementanimation,Bobsheaux,majorsky17,and an65001. there is alot of favoritie youtubers but thats my list for now ( :
    reply about 7 hours
    CloudNineGirl posted in TV Shows:
    Spongebob, of course :3
    reply about 9 hours
    CloudNineGirl posted in TV Shows:
    Studio Ghibli is also a good place to start, too. The movies are so amazing.
    reply about 9 hours

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