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Labou DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on May 20, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

What is Labou? Well, it’s a movie that was just released in May of 2009 (after it was shown to audiences at last year’s Chicago International Film Festival, where it was voted “Best of the Fest” by kids 8 to 12), so you’ll likely be one of the v

What is Labou? Well, it’s a movie that was just released in May of 2009 (after it was shown to audiences at last year’s Chicago International Film Festival, where it was voted “Best of the Fest” by kids 8 to 12), so you’ll likely be one of the very first to see it at home on your own TV!

Kid Heroes
Labou tells the tale of three 12-year-old friends – Gavin, Emily and “Toddster” – who stumble across an amazing adventure deep within the Louisiana bayou.

According to legend, a ship captain named LeRouge (translation from French: “The Red”) haunts the dark and murky swamps of Louisiana where his treasure-filled boat is said to have sunk after being caught in a powerful hurricane.

Whether they believe in spirits and buried gold or not, feisty Emily and the new kid, Gavin, challenge their friend Toddster to explore the bayou with them after they are taunted by the school bully. But they didn’t expect to be chased deep into the eerie swamp by the ghost of Captain LeRouge himself!

Lost in the depths of the bayou, the three friends meet a lovable little creature whose home is about to be destroyed by a money-hungry father-and-son team of greedy oil tycoons. Emily, Gavin and Toddster decide that they have to try and save the swamps and their newfound friend Labou.

The kids come up with a plan that actually enlists the help of the legendary ghost pirate to rid the wetlands of imposters once and for all!

Hurricane Katrina
One interesting thing about this film is that it started production right before Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana area, devastating the community, wreaking havoc on the environment, destroying thousands of homes and taking many lives. The crew of Labou actually has to evacuate New Orleans just after they started filming, and they weren’t able to go back to finish shooting the movie until the next year.

What’s A Bayou?
A bayou is a small, slow-moving stream or creek usually located in flat, low-lying areas such as the state of Louisiana and the Mississippi River region of the United States. Many bayous are home to crawfish, certain kinds of shrimp, shellfish and catfish,

The word “bayou” was first used by English settlers in Louisiana – it’s thought to originate from a Native American word for “small stream.” Or, it may come from the French words “bas lieu,” which mean “low land.”

Labou Rating: 5

Check out this Exclusive Clip about the Making of Labou!

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