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Top Texter

She’s only 14 but she’s the fastest texter in Canada. Tori Macken won herself a trip to Toronto and a chance at $25,000 in cash and prizes in just 6.1 seconds, texting the phrase “Brng it on. I can do it” from her cell phone.

Discovered while hanging out in a mall, Tori’s one of nine contestants across Canada who will compete in the 2nd annual LG Canadian Texting Championship finals – and she’s the youngest of them all.

Tory says her lightning-fast fingers and speedy texting talent comes from sending about 50 texts a day to her friends. In fact, she says she texts her friends more than she calls them because, to her, it’s easier.

If she wins and becomes the champion, Tori says she already knows what message she’s going to text to her friends: “I’m the fastest texter in Canada :)”

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