Mourning MJ: Worldwide Memorials

Fans Around The World Say Goodbye To Michael Jackson

The official memorial ceremony for Michael Jackson may have taken place at and been broadcast from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, but fans around the world held vigil in their own unique ways. So many fans, so many countries – it proves Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest performers in the history of music.

New York

People gathered outside the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Harlem, N.Y. to watch a telecast of the Michael Jackson memorial on giant screens.

New York


Huge posters of Michael Jackson were displayed at a Tower Records store in Tokyo.



Fans cried uncontrollably at a farewell memorial in Hong Kong.



People pay their respects by lighting candles at a tribute to Michael Jackson in Hyderabad.


The Middle East

An giant tribute to the King Of Pop was displayed outside a shop in Nablus, West Bank.

Middle East


Hundreds of fans placed flowers and cards in front of The Lyric Theater in London.



Michael Jackson impersonators performed for mourning fans in the main square in Mexico City.



People walk past a memorial mural to Michael Jackson on a wall in Port-au-Prince.



The service was broadcast live in Berlin in front of many emotional fans.


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    DittoDude19 wrote:

    We Miss U Mike!!! I'm UR BIGGEST Fan!!! RIP In Honor Of The King Of Pop Michael Jackson...
    commented: Sat Aug 24, 2013

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