SSX Tricky :: PS2 Cheats and Tips

SSX Tricky PS2 game cheats.
SSX Tricky courtesy of EA
Walkthrough for SSX Tricky for Playstation 2.
SSX Tricky courtesy of EA

SSX Tricky for the Playstation 2 has the style, the moves and the attitude to rock the planet. The trick to getting the most out of this smokin' PS2 game is to unlock all the characters and hit the slopes with enough stunts, Ubertricks and hot outfits to blow your mind.

Kidzworld sent Gary out to do some digging and he came back with all the cheat codes you'll need to unlock every SSX Tricky character, board and course on this Playstation 2 game. With all these game hints, tips and walkthrough it's time to hit the slopes in style - here's how:

Cheat Mode

The first game cheat code for SSX Tricky on the Playstation 2 is the big kahuna - it unlocks EVERYTHING in SSX Tricky. You'll have all the characters, courses, costumes and boards. Here's how this cheat works:
At the title screen hold down L1 and R1 then punch in - X, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square, Down, Triangle, Square, Left, Circle, X and Up. Then let go of L1 and R1. You'll hear a noise if you did it properly and you'll know your ready to rock.

Full Stats

To power up your fave SSX Tricky boarders you'll need to pump up their stats. The hard way to do it takes days. The easy way takes seconds. Here's how it works:
At the title screen hold down L1 and R1 then punch in - Triangle, Triangle, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, X, X, Left, X, X, Up. Then let go of L1 and R1. As soon as you hear a noise you'll be ready to kick butt.

Mix Master Mike is in Da House!

The music man can hit the slopes with the rest of the crazy boarders with this cheat code:
At the title screen hold down L1 and R1 then punch in - X, X, Right, X, X, Down, X, X, Left, X, X, Up and let go of L1 and R1. Listen for the noise then start the game and pick any character - they'll become Mix Master Mike!

Mallora Board

To deck out the SSX Tricky babe Elise with her smokin' Mallora Board you'll need this code:
At the title screen hold down L1 and R1 then punch in - X, X, Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Square, Square, Up. Let go of L1 and R1, listen for the sound then start the game with Elise on any course.

Sticky Boards

To activate the Sticky Boards cheat you'll need to enter this code:
At the title screen hold down L1 and R1 then punch in - Square, Square, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Circle, Circle, Left, X, X, Up. Then let go of L1 and R1. As soon as you hear the noise you'll know it worked.

Got Gameshark?

If you're the happy owner of one of these lean-mean cheatin' machines you'll want this list of codes to power up your game:

Master Code (must be on) EC8FA3FC 14303924
Unlock All Riders 1CA534C4 61DFB00C
Unlock All Tracks in Single & Practice Modes 1CA534C0 61DFB00C

Good luck, kick butt and may your air always be big! We hope these cheats and walkthroughs for SSX Tricky on Playstation 2 help!

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