State Games of America Rock Colorado

Nearly 10,000 elite athletes come together in Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend as the State Games of America kick off. The Games are the largest amateur multi-sport event for athletes of all ages and skill levels in the United States. Back to Article

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Who's The Toughest Wrestler in Springfield?

  • Groundskeeper Willie - nobody beats a grumpy Scotsman.
  • Bart Simpson - eat my shorts.
  • Bee Man - float like a butterfly, sting like Ali.
  • Krusty the Clown - cuz he's crusty! (ew...)

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Lionel Messi!  HE PLAYS SO NICE...[though I was very sad when Argentina lost World Cup by, 1-0. But when I recalled how Argentina won by, 1-7 in Brazil vs Argentina, I was a bit happy...:)]
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lnwpen88 posted in Dance:
Breakdance, you can post about all the latest dance style.
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My favorite football team is the Giants!! :angel they are doing sooooo bad this season but i still love them!!!  :angel
reply 3 days
I like cheerleading  friend 
reply 6 days
sort of not really
reply 6 days