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Lunch Lady: Graphic Novels By Jarrett J. Krosocza

Lunch Lady: Graphic Novels By Jarrett J. Krosocza - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 04, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

The Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosocza has finally arrived – and it’s every bit as delicious as that mystery meat they serve in your school cafeteria!

This is a two-in-one review for all you graphic novel lovers out there. The Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosocza has finally arrived – and it’s every bit as delicious as that mystery meat they serve in your school cafeteria!

Lunch Lady is a series of graphic novels that starts off with two titles:

  • Lunch Lady And The Cyborg Substitute
  • Lunch Lady And The League Of Librarians

  • Lunch Lady And The Cyborg Substitute

    Ever thought of what REALLY happens in the life of the cafeteria lunch lady? Most people don’t, so we don’t blame you if you haven’t, either. It’s the same for Hector, Terrence and Dee, three students who’ve recently started to wonder if their school’s lunch lady has a family to take care of or if she’s some kind of secret agent spy living a double life right in their very own school!

    As it turns out, Lunch Lady and her sidekick, Betty, do have something going on. Beneath the cafeteria is a lab where ordinary kitchen utensils are transformed into invincible fighting machines that help the two superheroes do their crime-fighting work and, in this book, save the school from a substitute teacher – Mr. Pasteur – who isn’t what he appears to be, either.

    Lunch Lady And The League Of Librarians

    The second graphic novel in the Lunch Lady series could possibly be even better than the first! In this new adventure, Hector, Terrence and Dee have noticed that the school librarians are acting weird. Really weird.

    Luckily, they’re not the only ones who notice this change – Lunch Lady and Betty to the rescue! Could the librarians be hatching an evil plan that has something to do with the countdown to the release of a new video gaming system (the X-Station 5000)? Is it the stress of setting up and managing the annual book fair?

    The Author

    You may recognize the name Jarrett J. Krosocza from the Captain Underpants series. And, if you do, you know you’re in for a treat with his new Lunch Lady books! Here's a video about Lunch Lady to whet your appetite!

    Lunch Lady Series Rating: 5

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    • Sloppy joes.
    • Rice pudding.
    • Fish sticks.
    • Strained peas.

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    Fairkss posted in Say Anything:
    I really hate how society is built. I really hate how unaccepting people are and how we have gotten this far due to sacrifices and inflicting pain on others. Why do we do this to our own kind? ​We are just destroying ourselves because we are unable to understand why some people do what they do. Why can't we just accept people for how they are? They're heart and their soul. I know the world can't be perfect but honestly right now the world isn't okay. Of course I'm just a kid so whatever I say won't matter but anyways that's just what has been on my mind lately :)
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    IlikeGUYS20 posted in Debating:
    "Sophieex_" wrote: Hey guys! So, on many occasions, my mother has always told me this: "Let yourself grow up a little, this is probably just a phase". What does she mean exactly? Well, when I cane out to my parents that I was bisexual, my mother told me that it was probably just a phase, and that I might grow out of it. I've been thinking about my sexuality for a couple years - since I was eleven, to be exact. Sometimes I thought I was straight and other times I thought I was a lesbian. So from this, I just figured I was bi. I also told her I'd like to tell some close friends what I thought. She told me that this info may get leaked to many more people and that they're shun me. I told her that I won't tell this to anyone whom I don't trust, and that I don't care if people shun me for being who I am. People already make fun of me for being biracial (my father is white & my mother is black) so this'll be no different. I told two friends that I was bisexual. Luckily both girls said they'd support me no matter what. My father then came in and said that he didn't want me to come out lest I'd get so much attention that's it'd me a distraction. I understand me dad's point but not my mom's. I love my mother dearly and shall listen to her, but I still get super pissed when adults think that teens' coming out is invalid. What do you think? Tell me I'm the thread posts! :rainbow ❤ Thanks!! :) Have a wonderful day! ❤ @Sophieex_ I have the same problem! I am also bi! Only one of my closest friends know, I feel your pain!!! I created my account when I thought I was straight.
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    ScoobysFriend posted in Debating:
    She is saying some people get curious, and she probably went through it also
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    and im not saying its a phase either
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