Spyborgs Exclusive Character Profile - Stinger

Kidzworld has the exclusive character reveal for Stinger, a character from the upcoming game Spyborgs! Spyborgs hits stores Tuesday, September 22nd!

An experienced soldier, Stinger has a hunger for combat. Coupled with his gruff, no nonsense attitude, he is a natural team leader. After sustaining serious injuries during a mission, Stinger believed he would never fight again until Spyborg Initiative approached him. The organization offered to enlist Stinger as the first in a series of cybernetic super-spies and he took the offer smiling. Stinger's new cybernetic arm enhanced his raw combat power and equipped him with a variety of high level weaponry, including a missile launcher, chain gun, and energy-based sticky bombs.


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Fave Spy Flick?

  • Austin Powers.
  • Mission: Impossible.
  • Spy Kids.
  • Charlie's Angels.

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Check out this exclusive character profile from the upcoming game, Spyborgs!

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