SimAnimals Africa Q&A :: Exclusive Pink Elephant Unlock Code!

SimAnimals Africa
Courtesy Of EA

Kidzworld had the chance to interview Bart Menayas, associate producer of the new SimAnimals Africa game. Read our Q&A session and then follow the instructions to unlock your very own never-before-seen exclusive-to-Kidzworld SimAnimals Africa PINK ELEPHANT!

KW: What platforms does the game support?
BM: Wii and Nintendo DS.

KW: How many players can play at once?
BM: For Wii just one but for DS two can play so you can conquer the wild kingdom with a friend! You and your pal can both get in on the fun with two-player co-op play. Tag team missions, trade items and experience the wild together.

SimAnimals Africa

KW: What characters do you get to play?
BM: In Wii only you can play as an animal in Direct Control mode, where you have the power to directly control every animal, adults and babies. You’ll have to earn this ability but once you do you can control the animals and engage in fun interactions.

KW: What animals are featured in the game?
BM: It’s different for each version. Wii: lions, elephants, zebras, hippos, giraffes, gorillas, crocodiles, rhinos and gazelles; DS: lions, elephants, cheetahs, meerkats, aardvarks, zebras, hippos, giraffes, gorillas, crocodiles, rhinos, gazelles and a special, mischievous grey parrot that will repeat back what you say to him!

SimAnimals Africa

KW: What kinds of environments do you get to play in?
BM: Savannas, Jungles, River Deltas, Volcanic Deserts and more.

KW: What is the main goal/storyline of the game?
BM: You’ll get to journey to the heart of Africa and interact with exotic animals in the wild as you explore the jungles and savannas of Africa.

SimAnimals Africa

KW: How do you interact with the animals in the game?
BM: Players pet and feed animals to gain their trust, train their skills with mini-games and control them directly to help build lasting friendships with each other. In Wii, once you’ve become friends with an animal you can control it directly.

KW: How do you advance in the game?
BM: You have to solve challenges, master collection games, complete goals to open unexplored lands and unlock animals and rare items, use your wit and the animals to solve different challenges, collect items and keep your kingdom happy and healthy.

SimAnimals Africa

KW: Are there any locked characters available?
BM: Yes! Just for Kidzworld, you can unlock the exclusive, not-found-anywhere-else Pink Elephant! Read on to find out how.

Kidzworld Exclusive Pink Elephant Unlock

You may have heard of the “white elephant in the room” but why does no one ever talk about his colorful cousin, the pink elephant?! Well, now you can unlock the EXCLUSIVE Pink Elephant in your SimAnimals Africa game, only available from KidzWorld for both Wii and Nintendo DS.

Enter the following code in-game (see separate instructions for Wii and DS below) to unlock this exclusive animal in your SimAnimals Africa game. Please note that codes are case-sensitive!


Wii: How To Unlock In Game

SimAnimals Africa
  1. When in the game, open the pause menu by pressing the 2 Button on the Wii Remote.
  2. Select ENTER CODES.
  3. Type in the desired code and select the checkmark.
  4. When you return to the game, if there is enough room on the lot, the unlocked animal should visit momentarily.

DS: How To Unlock In Game

SimAnimals Africa
  1. Make sure your backpack is not full.
  2. Pause the game by pressing START.
  3. Choose CHEAT menu option.
  4. Enter the code with the onscreen keyboard (use lowercase letters).
  5. Touch the checkmark icon.
  6. Return to the game, and you'll find the animal in your backpack!

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