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Scary Stories II: Ghost In The Machine Book Review

Scary Stories II: Ghost In The Machine Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 21, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Ghost In The Machine is the second book in the Skeleton Creek series by Patrick Carman. Not only is it a good ghost story, its interactive video-web-text format makes it scarier than a normal book could ever be!

Title: Ghost In The Machine
Author: Patrick Carman
Series: Skeleton Creek
Ages: 9 and up

Ghost In The Machine is the second book in the Skeleton Creek series by Patrick Carman. While many sequels are disappointing, this second-in-the-series book may even be better than the first. Not only is it a good ghost story, but its interactive video-web-text format makes it scarier than a normal book could ever be!

The book is set up to read like the journal of its main character – Ryan – who was hurt in an accident in his hometown of Skeleton Creek. When the accident happened Ryan had been with his friend Sarah, and he hasn’t been allowed to see her since. But that doesn’t keep Sarah from being in contact with Ryan through other means; she e-mails him and sends him videos, as well.

Now here comes the fun part: you get to watch Sarah’s videos, too! Ryan gives you the web URLs to visit online, where you have to enter a secret password to watch each short movie (to uncover each password you are required to do a little digging on your own, adding an extra layer of fun to this reading experience). Basically, you’ll want to read this book with your laptop handy – you won’t be able to get the whole story without logging in to watch the videos that go with it.

Not only are there all these fun, interactive elements in the book, it’s also a really great ghost story/mystery on its own. In fact, it pretty much has everything a good thriller should have: secret codes, secret meetings, secret messages and more. The author does a great job of dropping subtle clues in the story and videos so you’ll really have to pay close attention to make sure you get everything.

Video: Ghost In The Machine Trailer

The Ghost In The Machine Rating: 5

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