Demi Lovato: All Access Book Review

How did Demi Lovato rise to fame so quickly? Check out Kidzworld’s review of Riley Brooks’ unauthorized biography of the Camp Rock star to find out! Back to Article

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SuperKoopa wrote:
2012-05-07 11:49:24 -0700

I love Barney

XxKimberlyLuvsYahxX_1885384 wrote:
2011-08-24 00:08:31 -0700

*SellyRocks*: Haha IKR!!! I Love That Book It's My Fav!!!

Kuh-uteChickRock1017 wrote:
2011-08-09 21:36:53 -0700

I have this book! Got it for Christmas

*SellyRocks* wrote:
2011-08-09 21:34:52 -0700

I Have That Book! It Talks about Her Life!

lolgurl123 wrote:
2011-07-26 02:29:17 -0700

Demi has gone so far in her life keep it up Demi!

BehindTheseHazelEyes wrote:
2011-05-21 14:47:01 -0700

I would love to read the book! smile

random ninja xD
random ninja xD wrote:
2011-05-21 14:41:01 -0700

Yep xDD

DemiLuva wrote:
2011-05-21 14:39:45 -0700

Me Too!!!! Demi Is SO Cool@@

random ninja xD
random ninja xD wrote:
2011-05-21 14:39:02 -0700

Lol I Wanna Star On Barney!!

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reply about 2 hours
I Haven't Watch Fault In The Stars Yet. But Divergent Is A Pretty Good Movie. (:
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It's difficult to say because I love TFiOS, I think its a great book and film, but the Divergent series and film also looks good but I've never read/seen them, so I can't really make a refined judgement.
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They are right about that (:
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