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Century Quartet Book 1 :: Ring of Fire Book Review

Century Quartet Book 1 :: Ring of Fire Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Oct 14, 2009
( Rating: 2 Star Rating)

Every hundred years, four young strangers must work together to save the world. Together they must uncover a centuries-old mystery, and embark on a deadly adventure. Check out Ring of Fire by P.D. Baccalario.

Author: P.D. Baccalario

Every hundred years, four young strangers must work together to save the world. Together they must uncover a centuries-old mystery, and embark on a deadly adventure. Check out Ring of Fire by P.D. Baccalario.

Leap Year

Mistral lives in France, Harvey lives in New York, Sheng lives in Shanghai, and Elettra, the daughter of a hotel owner, lives in Rome. A not-so-accidental mix-up with the hotel reservations lands the four youngsters in one room. Just when they think they have nothing in common, they discover that they all share the same rare birthday—February 29th.


When the power goes out, the four kids wander the streets of Rome only to discover that a blackout has affected the entire city. They encounter a strange, paranoid old man with a briefcase who appears to be running for his life. The man insists that the kids take his briefcase before being lured to his death.

The Briefcase

The four new friends inspect the contents of the briefcase: a wooden box, four toy tops, an engraved tooth, a mysterious note and an umbrella. What is so important about these random objects that the man would risk his life to guard them?

Following the Trail

The kids investigate the man’s past by following the trail of clues left by the objects in the briefcase. But soon their innocent investigation turns into a life-threatening search for an ancient relic known as the Ring of Fire. The man’s murderer knows that the kids have the briefcase and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

The Bottom Line

Ring of Fire is the first book in the Century Quartet by P.D. Baccalario. While the plot sounds promising, the actually story was a little hard to follow. Hopefully book two will tie up the loose ends.

Ring of Fire Rating: 2

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