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The Haunting of Derek Stone #4 :: The Ghost Road Book Review

The Haunting of Derek Stone #4 :: The Ghost Road Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Oct 25, 2009
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

In book 4 of The Haunting of Derek Stone series, Derek must use his newfound knowledge to save the world from millions of evil spirits. Check it out.

Author: Tony Abbott

In book 4 of The Haunting of Derek Stone series, Derek must use his newfound knowledge to save the world from millions of evil spirits. Check it out.

I Died, Yet Here I Stand

In book 3, Derek Stone discovered something that changed his life forever—he died when he was four. That day, the ghost of Ulysses Longtemps “translated” into his body and has been dwelling inside ever since. But now it’s time for Ulysses to come forward because he has a big job to do.

A Tear in the Fabric

There is a Rift—a tear in the fabric that separates the living world from the dead. And if Derek and his friends don’t find a way to seal it soon, a group of evil ghosts called the Legion plan to blast it open so that millions of souls can return and claim a new body of their own. It seems like an impossible task. But with the help of his friend Abby and his dead-but-also-translated brother Ronny, he may just find a way.

The Cryptic Poem

Derek must use the poem written in 1864 by Ulysses Longtemps called The Ghost Road to help guide him in his quest. The poem talks about how Ulysses witnessed the first translation ever. He had discovered the Rift and closed it. But now that it has reopened, Derek must use Ulysses' memories to close it before it’s too late.

The Bottom Line

This story is an endless string of action, with very little down time. If you read The Ghost Road before the other three books in the series, you’ll be extremely confused. It’s a decent ghost story, but definitely start from the beginning.

The Ghost Road Rating: 3

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