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Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks :: Tips and Achievements

For the most part, Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgas Attacks is a straight forward puzzle platformer with plenty of combat. However, there will be a few times when you may get stuck in the game. The 3D environment is not always great to move around in and you can get lost, the puzzles can sometimes be a bit illogical, and some bosses are super annoying and can seem impossible to bring down.

Luckily, here are some quick tips and tricks to help get you on the right track! Since Ben 10 is mostly straightforward, just keep these tips and tricks in mind as you play through the game. Good luck with saving the universe!

Tips and Omni-Tricks

If you get lost while exploring the various alien planets that Ben visits, you always have the Point of Interest button to help you. This button not only tells you which way to go when you get lost, but occassionally gives you extra information that can be helpful in playing the game.

When you get stuck on a puzzle or face a difficult boss, try switching up your alien forms and tackling the problem from a different perspective. Since it does not cost you anything to stay in any particular alien form, go wild! Some bosses have a weakness to the special powers of certain alien forms. For example, the giant snake headed mini-boss from the second level, Vulpin, is weak to your Swampfire form. Just change into it and shoot fireballs into the mouth of the snake heads. Some bosses will even require you to use lots of different forms, such as the first boss, Mr. Smoothy.

Each form typically has a puzzle or platforming use as well. For example, you can use Spidermonkey to swing or use Echo Echo's cloning ability to move across a big gap. Be careful though! It does drain your Omnitrix meter to use your alien form's special abilities. But since you can refill the Omnitrix meter by beating up bad guys, don't be afraid to throw everything you have got whenever you get stuck on a problem.

Defeating bad guys will also get your experience for your alien forms. When upgrading attack or defense, keep in mind what you normally use the form for. If it is an attacking form, like Humongosaur, then keep boosting the attack stats. However, if you tend to use a form for a specific trick or ability, such as Goop's ability to stick on the wall, then stick to boosting the defense stat so that you can afford to make more mistakes while trying a trick. And, of course, new abilities are always great. As you play through the game, you will quickly get an idea on what forms you like to use the most. Focus on boosting these forms more instead of boosting all of them equally.

Achievements and Awards For Saving the World

Below are the achievements for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Note that if you are not playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, nothing will happen even if you managed to perform the tasks, but good on you anyways!

  • Brain Power (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Brainstorm
  • Charmed (30): Complete Terradino
  • Chili Fries!!! (30): Complete MorOtesi
  • Deafening Defeat (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Echo Echo
  • DNAided (40): Achieve Maximum Health by Collecting 15 Red Plumber Badges
  • Freaked Out! (30): Complete Anur Phaetos
  • Lights Out! (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Chromastone
  • Mach Speed Mauler (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Jet Ray
  • Now, it's Hero Time!(30): Fully Upgrade All 10 Alien Forms
  • Omni-tricked Out! (40): Achieve Maximum Energy by Collecting 15 Green Plumber Badges
  • Power Outage (30): Complete Encephalonus IV
  • Primus Link Reestablished (30): Unlock All 10 Alien Forms
  • Protector of Earth (30): Complete Bellwood
  • Protector of the Galaxy (60): Complete all Levels
  • Repo Man (30): Destroy 15 cars in Bellwood
  • Road Rash (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Cannonbolt
  • Smells Like Victory (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Swampfire
  • Splat! (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Goop
  • That'll be 'Saur Tomorrow(50): Destroy 150 enemies with Humungousaur
  • The Iceman Cometh (50): Destroy 150 enemies with Big Chill
  • Trash Compactor(30): Complete Vulpin
  • True Hero(60): Destroy 150 enemies with Ben
  • Voided D'Void (30): Complete Null Void
  • Web of Defeat(50): Destroy 150 enemies with Spidermonkey

  • For an easier time crushing enemies with your forms, don't be afraid to hang around any spawn points or leave and re-enter rooms to get new enemies to stomp on. Not only will you get the achievements, but you can also build up the stats of your alien forms with the experience you gain! This means that the earlier you start doing this, the more easier the rest of the game will be, due to your boosted attack and defense.

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