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Two words: LOVED IT! Honestly, we fell in love with Disney Pixar’s UP the first time we saw it. And now that we’ve experienced the Blu-Ray version of the film, we love it even more – something we didn’t think possible. On November 10, 2009, you’ll get to see exactly what we mean – that’s the date the UP Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack comes out. But you don’t have to wait that long – check out the official Kidzworld review, below.

UP, UP & Away

Meet Carl Fredrickson. As a young boy, he and his friend Ellie are absolutely obsessed with the famous explorer Charles Muntz. The two have dreams of traveling down to South America and having their own adventure but, after they grow up and get married (to each other), those plans fall through. When Ellie dies, a 70-year-old Carl regrets not being able to give Ellie the adventure he promised her. To top it all off, a developer is threatening to kick Carl off his property so he can build a new tower. Stubborn Carl decided to take matters into his own hands, attaching thousands of helium balloons to his house and flying away before he can be placed in a retirement home.

Here’s the problem: as Carl and his house soar through the air, he discovers he’s accidentally lifted off with a stowaway – a boy scout named Russell who recently lost his dad. The two head to South America for a new adventure. Along the way they meet Dug, a dog with a special collar that lets him communicate with people and a female bird named Kevin (!) who’s being chased by a pack of dogs that turn out to be owned by none other than the explorer, Charles Muntz! But the adventure REALLY begins when things turn dangerous …

Brilliant Blu-Ray

Already masters of CGI animation, Pixar takes it to the next level when any of their movies make it to Blu-Ray. This version of UP is visually stunning – every detail in the animation is crystal clear, right down to the individual strands of fur on Dug’s coat and the texture of the sash that holds Russell’s Wilderness Explorer Badges. The colors are radiant, blacks are inky and the reference material is quality all around.

Fab Features

The UP DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack comes with plenty of special features for fans who want to go WAY behind the scenes of the movie. You can listen to the film’s creators talk about every scene in the movie, how they created it and any challenges or funny situations that happened during production. And, besides the DVD copy of the film that comes with the two-disc Blu-Ray, you get a digital copy, too.

More bonus features include:

  • Partly Cloudy: A new animated short.
  • Dug’s Special Mission: A new animated short starring Dug the dog.
  • The Many Endings Of Muntz: Alternate scene.
  • Story Featurettes: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Monsters, Inc.
  • Documentaries: Behind-the-scenes featurettes and interview sessions.
  • Married Life: Alternate scene.
  • Global Guardian Badge Game: Travel the world in a balloon and collect your own Wilderness Explorer Badges.

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