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JONAS: Nintendo DS :: Game Review

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JONAS: Nintendo DS :: Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 23, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Who takes your fave boy band and turns it into a game you can play on the go? Disney and Nintendo let you experience The Jonas Brothers like youve never seen them before - as a brand-new video game exclusively for Nintendo DS!

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Publisher: Disney
Release Date: November 10, 2009
ESRB Rating: E For Everyone

Who can take your fave boy band and turns it into a cool new game you can play on the go? Disney and Nintendo, of course! Get ready to experience The Jonas Brothers band like you've never seen them before - as a brand-new video game exclusively for Nintendo DS!

Band Together

The new Nintendo DS game JONAS features Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, the three members of the red hot Jonas Brothers band. And, just like in the hit Disney Channel TV show, the three bros star as the Lucas Brothers, who are members of a fictional band called JONAS. If that sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry—just consider this game a Jonas Brothers adventure.

A Story & A Song

Most of the game is played in a story mode that plays out like a series of episodes from the show, with the three musicians appearing alongside their real-life little brother, Frankie, as well as their TV mom and dad and TV friends Macy and Stella. In the game you can run, jump and even use a series of Guitar Action Riffs to get yourself out of tricky situations.

In the first "chapter," you get to head out on a goofy quest to act like a "normal" students, which means changing the Jonas bros out of rock-star clothes into their school uniforms and walking to school (the family’s limo and helicopter are off limits). Alas, everywhere they go, fans try to tackle them and rip off pieces of their clothes, causing the boys to dress up as doctors in order to escape their admirers.

You'll also get to take part in mini-games that, once unlocked, can be played on their own. These games include Foosball, where you roll the table handles on the touch screen to score and defend against goals, and a dishwashing challenge where you have to switch between a sponge and steel wool to scrub dishes with the stylus. There are also Performance stages, where you strum the screen and hit the directional pad to match notes in the game.

JONAS Connections

JONAS is linked to Disney’s DGamer online network, which means throughout the game you earn DGamer honors—like clothes and instruments—you can share with your friends wirelessly.

Video: Game Trailer

Style Savvy Rating:5

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