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Isis: A Tale of the Supernatural Book Review

Isis: A Tale of the Supernatural Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 06, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

How much would you sacrifice to bring someone you love back from the dead? Kidzworld looks at bestselling author Douglas Clegg’s new novella, Isis.

Isis: A Tale of the Supernatural Rating: 4

How much would you sacrifice to bring someone you love back from the dead? Kidzworld looks at bestselling author Douglas Clegg’s new novella, Isis.

A Broken Family

Iris Villiers lives with her family at Bellerion Hall. Well, most of her family anyway. Her father is always away at war, and her mother takes ill every season[/kwlink] but summer. Her eldest brother Lewis left home long ago. And her only real company is her twin brothers, Harvey and Spence. Unlike Spence, Harvey has a kind heart, and Iris considers him her best and only friend.

The Tragic Tale of Isis and Osiris

In the summers when her mother isn’t bedridden, they and the twins perform a charity theatrical production of the Tragic Tale of Isis and Osiris for their mother’s Ladies Club. Iris plays Isis who brings her brother Osiris (played by Harvey) back from the dead.

Tragedy Strikes

One night, a tragic accident rips her family even further apart. Iris feels like she’s going crazy. Even though she has heard all the spooky legends about the old ruins at Belerion Hall—legends about the consequences of raising the dead—Iris is determined to communicate with the other side. But at what cost?

The Bottom Line

Isis: A Tale of the Supernatural by Douglas Clegg is a spooky novella that looks at the selfishness in loss. It shows how despair can make people do crazy things. This book is a little eerie, so unless you like being scared, don’t read it before bed!

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