Battle Strikers Review

Battle Strikers
Battle Strikers
Battle Strikers Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 08, 2009
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We got a box-full of Battle Strikers to review this holiday season – and we know you’re going to love playing with all of them! Check out our review(s) for the Battle Strikers Starter Pack, Tournament Set, Reload Strikers, Arena and Website!

We got a box-full of Battle Strikers toys and accessories to review this holiday season – and we know you’re going to love playing with all of them! Check out our review(s) for the Battle Strikers Starter Pack, Battle Strikers Tournament Set, Battle Strikers Reload Strikers, Battle Strikers Arena and Official Website, right here on Kidzworld!

Battle Strikers: In General

Before we break down this review by toy/accessory, here’s a general overview of what Battle Strikers is all about. Battle Strikers Turbo Tops by are a new (and turbo-charged) take on traditional spinning tops of the past. Battle Strikers Turbo Tops are revved up with extra spinning power by the Battle Strikers Turbo Launcher before you release them to battle. You get full control of each and every Battle Striker right at your very own fingertips, and you can battle on any surface, any time, anywhere, thanks to the magnetic finger controller that lets you driver your Battle Striker into battle and knock your opponents out of the game using the incredible force and power of magnets!

Battle Strikers Starter Pack

The Battle Strikers Starter Pack gives you everything you need to get into the game and start controlling spinning tops to battle and “take out” your opponents. The start pack includes a launcher, striker and controller. First, use the Spin Starter to rev up your Battle Striker spinning top and release it into battle. Next, use the Spin Controller, which you wear on your finger, to control your spinning top to do battle against your opponent. With this kit you can launch strikers at up to 6,3000 RPM and you can repower them during battle using the magnetic controller.

Battle Strikers Tournament Set

The Battle Strikers Tournament Set is the mega toy when it comes to Battle Strikers. It’s got everything you need to battle with a friend, including two Motorized Turbo Launchers, two Magnetic Controllers, one Battle Strikers Arena (see our review of this toy, below) and two different Battle Strikers - ours came with Mauler and Turbine.

Battle Strikers Reload Strikers

Here’s the foundation for all your Battle Strikers fun! After you get set up with a Battle Strikers Starter Pack you can buy more Battle Strikers in special, individual Reload Striker packs. Each one comes with its own special characteristics and abilities, which you can see right on the front of each package. For example, Reload Striker Ninjitsu has an Attack Level of 4, a Defense Level of just 1 and a Control Level of 5. Reload Striker Wolfen, on the other hand, has an Attack Level of 5, a Defense Level of just 1 and a Control Level of 4. And Reload Striker Scimitar has an Attack Level of 5, a Defense Level of 3 and a Control Level of only 2.

Battle Strikers Arena

This is a pretty basic accessory – a plastic arena you can use to battle your Strikers against each other. But you can pretty much play on any old surface.

Wicked Website:

Think the fun ends once all the packages are opened and your Battle Strikers are set up? Think again! Visit for tons more Battle Strikers action, including a community you can join for free, Turbo Tour dates, toy descriptions (plus a bio for each and every striker available), a Battle Strikers blog that’ll keep you up to date on all the latest news, a Customizer tool that lets you build and customize your very own strikers AND, to top it all off, online games you can play against your computer in a battle to win your opponent’s striker!

Video: Battle Strikers Commercial

Thumbs Up

  • After 50 years or more of the same, boring old toys, finally some spinning tops that have that WOW factor!

  • Thumbs Down

  • Can’t really think of any this time – could they have created THE PERFECT TOY???

  • Rating: 5
    Ages: 6+

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