Dear Dish-It, My BFF's Ex Likes Me!

I always thought my best friend's BF was cute. A couple of days after they broke up, I found out the X-BF had a crush on a new girl - ME! All of a sudden, my friend won't talk to me anymore. Back to Article

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R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-14 16:29:25 -0800

It Happened To Mee Beforee Bruhh .

Obey_Mckenzie_2276598 wrote:
2012-11-14 16:28:23 -0800

It happened Today -.-

-ShawtyByNature- wrote:
2012-11-14 16:24:26 -0800

Never Happened ..

iSwaggatasticDanae♥ wrote:
2012-11-14 16:23:16 -0800

He Ended Up Cheating On Me With Her . Guess Thats What I Get For Going With Her Ex ...

:))Uniqually Meh;))
:))Uniqually Meh;)) wrote:
2012-11-14 16:19:08 -0800


tbh: i'll laugh!

Not A Normal Girl 17
Not A Normal Girl 17 wrote:
2012-09-12 19:01:10 -0700

wow ive been trough the same thing

lovelyk1 wrote:
2012-09-12 14:48:21 -0700

All the boys in my class dont even care they like u for how u look and act

G_unit2345 wrote:
2012-08-26 14:37:45 -0700


quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-08-26 13:49:20 -0700

Smh Shamar

Euniqueamazing4527 wrote:
2012-08-26 13:48:58 -0700

That happens to me a lot

Ob3y_swagolicious wrote:
2012-08-04 16:37:07 -0700

i would ask my friend if she cool with it if she says yes ill go out with if she says no then i won't go out with him

kenya233 wrote:
2012-08-04 15:49:37 -0700

jus wait for a while 4 yall to strt tlkn . my bff ex liked me but we waited 4 a while nd now we are 2getha

kowkow wrote:
2012-08-04 06:10:56 -0700

how do u ask questions??

-UpAllNight(: wrote:
2012-07-26 20:17:40 -0700

it's kinda weird because right when my bestfriend brokeup with him he came to me and asked me out,i would never go behind my friends back and date her ex it's just rude!.

cherryblossom125 wrote:
2012-05-06 07:37:13 -0700

Dats cruel if dat guy wn tell da truth thn he is just stuck up nd stuborn he isnt da rite guy 4 u if a guy wnt trll da truth dats stupid dat mns dat he is givin u a warnin sign sayin dat he wnt eva tell u davtruth Nd 4 da bff she is prob just upset bout wat happend nd doesnt really wnna tlk rite now cuz shes upset

ILY Tanya ILY wrote:
2012-04-12 09:31:58 -0700

Total Betral

Fancyforeva wrote:
2012-01-15 12:37:20 -0800

then he got to tha laundry i wnt outside nd we talked but then he had to go hme cuz his mom then he said i l,ove you nd he wud call me babe on tha phone nd at skool but not nxt to the teacher outside cuz he wud get in trouble he waz not in mha class last year his teacher waz gud friends w/ his teacher i dnt like im anymore but he like me i hav a kid in mha class tht like me but i dnt wnt to go out w/ anyone

Fancyforeva wrote:
2012-01-15 12:34:38 -0800

tht he shouldnt go out w/ her so he didnt he ask me out again in readin class he pasted me tha note i didnt relize it i repile w/ a yea but he doesnt kno if we still go out tho but he likes me a little bit but tht girl thts jealous he likes her ore but i dnt give a f..k but i rlly like him but i dnt anymore when we wnt out he always wanted to see me so he called me ova summer nd tld me to meet him at tha park i got there but i had to got then i wnt home so i cud go to the laundry w/ mha mom

Fancyforeva wrote:
2012-01-15 12:28:31 -0800

okkk he lik u so he tha one tht sud tel her he lik u the retardedi went out w/ this boy his friend waz so cute nd he lik me so they were fightin ova me so i dupe him to go out w/ nathan he is so cute we wnt out for like months or a yeari think he waz cape verdian we wud walk nd talk at recass nd he wud walk me home i kissed him on the cheek he turn his head i almost kissed his lips he likes me still but he lkes this girl thts in mha grade she is jealous of me but i dnt care all mha friendz say

sunshinerainy wrote:
2012-01-15 12:13:36 -0800

Dayum that's crappy, if she was ur friend then she would buhlieve u

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What Do You Do When Crushes Crush You?

  • I blow it off - his loss, not mine.
  • I cry and cry and eat lots of chocolate.
  • I get a lil' depressed and move on. There are other hotties to crush on!
  • I complain to my friends and cut him up in front of his boys. No one disses me and gets away with it!

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

scarlet177 posted in Friends:
According 2 me..... a perfect friend should be..... kind towards all, loving, funny, helping, and some times silly ( a friend shounldn't be ALWAYS serious!) friendly ( of course ), and..................... AWESOME!!!! :D !! I do have friend with all these qualities..... her name is ******  and she has ALL these qualities!!!!!!!! so she is AWESOME, COOL AND A PERFECT FRIEND!! :D :)
reply about 10 hours
scarlet177 posted in Friends:
My BFF is awesome!!!!!!! I know that cuz, she is the only person whon can understand my feelings when my enemies or some other friends tease me badly or when those ppl be rude to me....... :(  . I can share all my secrets to her........ she is Awesome cuz, she is being herself . Her name is ****** ....... and she is my WORLD'S BEST FRIEND!!!!! :D
reply about 10 hours
Alexis7343 posted in Friends:
I think its really great you posted this, cause a lot of people need it. Adults don't notice children problems. When I was in 2ed grade i was bullied by teens that were like 16. Not only that, teachers can bully kids too. My mom always puts people who try to kill them selves down in awful ways. Every time she says that stuff I am very offended by it cause she knows I have emotional problems but she still like to dig into it. Someone who feels they need to kill themselves needs someone to trust and talk to. I'm so happy you posted this. Cause it is so true!
reply about 20 hours
GaaraOfTheSand posted in Friends:
I GONNA go draw
reply about 20 hours
jordand08 posted in Friends:
Same. c:
reply about 20 hours