Dinosaur Cove Series By Rex Stone

This exciting new series of books by author Rex Stone stars Jamie and Tom, who discover a world of adventure in Dinosaur Cove, home to dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, some friendly, some ferocious! Whatever your fave dino, you’ll find it in Dinosaur Cove!

Book No. 1: Attack Of The Lizard King

An angry Tyrannosaurus Rex is out to get Jamie and Tom!

Book No. 2: Charge Of The Three-Horned Monster

A stampede of Triceratops heads right toward the boys!

Book No. 3: March Of The Amoured Beasts

Jamie and Tom try to save a baby Ankylosaurus, but its mother is on the warpath!

Book No. 4: Flight Of The Winged Serpent

A huge Pterosaur flies of with the boys’ dinosaur pal, Wanna!

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