Super Street Fighter 4 :: Xbox 360 Hakan Guide

The roster for Super Street Fighter 4 is filled with some real characters, but the Turkish Oil Wrestler Hakan might just top them all. This strange fighter is a grappler like Zangief, but has the ability to quickly move in close and away from his opponent due to the slick oil that he constantly covers himself with. Like other grapplers, Hakan lacks long range fireball attacks, but thanks to his oil sliding ability, he has no trouble getting into close range where his attacks are most effective.

Aside from enabling certain abilities, being oiled up increases the damage output for Hakan. Whenever you are playing Hakan, make sure that he is constantly pouring oil over himself and staying in top form!

Normal Attacks

  • Air Throw (Light Punch + Light Kick): Performed when in contact with your opponent in the air.
  • Guard position (Down + PPP): Hakan crouches down and covers his head, allowing him to avoid fireballs. You can hold down to keep Hakan down longer but you cannot stay like that forever.
  • Hakan Smash (Forward + Light Punch): Just like the regular punch but with a bit more range.
  • Hakan Tackle (Forward + Medium Punch): A step and a punch, lets you close in distance and combo.
  • Hakan Spear (Forward + Hard Punch): Decent range and power, the step in allows it to be used for combos.
  • Step Low (Forward + Light Kick): Just like a standing kick but with a bit more reach.
  • Front Kick (Forward + Medium Kick): Good recovery speed. This is Hakan's standing kick as the regular kick moves him forward.
  • Step Knee (Forward + Hard Kick): A good, low kick with nice range. Great for combos since your opponent will need to be blocking down low to avoid this one.

Special Attacks

Note: When doing a 360 or 720 motion, you only need to hit 7 points for the 360 and 13 points for the 720. Thus, doing an incomplete circle (a 270) will work for Hakan's Oil Rocket and Oil Dive attacks and a 540 will work for his Oil Coaster. You can start the circle from any direction.

  • Oil Shower (Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Kick): This is the Shoryuken motion followed by a kick instead of a punch. If you have having trouble with the motion, think of it as a Z and it should help. This is an important move for Hakan as it improves the damage and range of most of his attacks, even normal attacks like Hakan Spear. The strength of the kick you use will determine how long the effect lasts. If you are hit while doing this move, you still get the effect. When in EX mode, hit kick again to do Oil Shower EX, which lasts very long and lets fireballs pass through during the move.
  • Oil Slide (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch): This is the Hadouken motion, otherwise known as quarter circle forward. This move will get you under all fireballs except for Sagat's low Tiger fireball. The EX version of the move (hit punch twice) will allow you to get by any fireball. If you get close enough to your opponent, press Punch again at after a brief pause to do a Body Press attack on top of the slide attack.
  • Oil Rocket (360 + Punch): Being oiled up will greatly improve this move as the range and damage improvements are noticeable.
  • Oil Dive (360 + Kick): You can hold down the Kick button to delay the attack and mix up your timing for this attack. This is a great move to do against standing opponents and opponents in the air, but not crouching ones.

Super and Ultra Attacks

  • Flying Oil Spin (qcf x 2 + Kick): Two quarter circle forwards followed by a kick unleashes this Super. It acts basically like the Oil Dive attack but does more damage. Just like with the Oil Dive attack, you can delay the attack by holding down the Kick button. While holding down the kick button, you will be immune to fireballs.
  • Oil Coaster (720 + PPP): Hakan's first ultra attack does not have the same range boost that his Oil Rocket grab attack gets when oiled up. However, the range is better than the Oil Rocket when you are not oiled up. Keep this in mind when trying to land this ultra combo.
  • Oil Combination Hold (Down, Down, Down + KKK): This ultra combo is perfect when your opponent jumps towards you. When your meter is fully charged up, be ready to use this as soon as your opponent jumps in, with or without an attack!

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