The Fairy Godmother Academy: Kerka's Book :: Book Review

The Fairy Godmother Academy: Kerka's Book :: Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on May 17, 2010
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

The heroine of this story is Kerka Laine who knows that she comes from a long line of fairy godmothers and that she's destined to start training as a fairy godmother herself. She just hates waiting for the training to begin!

Title: The Fairy Godmother Academy: Kerka's Book
Author: Jan Bozarth
Ages: 8-12
Rating: 5

The Story

The heroine of this story is Kerka Laine who knows, thanks to her friend Birdie (check out Book No. 1 of the series for more about this character) that she comes from a long line of [kwlink 23934 ]fairy[/kwlink] godmothers and that she's destined to start training as a fairy godmother herself. She just hates waiting for the training to begin! When her dreams take her to Aventurine, the place where girls go to unlock their own special kind of magic, Kerka is more than ready. What she is not prepared for is the quest that the fairies give her: she must find her younger sister's voice before the sun rises on a mountain range called the Three Queens.

Kerka loves a challenge, but how can she find something that is invisible? In this second Fairy Godmother Academy book, Kerka begins the dangerous journey that will determine not only her future as a fairy godmother but also the fate of her sisters.

The Academy

The Fairy Godmother Academy motto is: "We believe that every girl is brave, magical, creative, and unique. We know that girls possess a special power called wisdom and that dreams, and the act of dreaming, connect the girls to this power. By listening to her inner voice – her dreams – each girl can follow her own path and be what she truly wants to be. We believe that by bringing their drams together, girls can make the world a better place for everyone." We love it!

The Bottom Line

If you love Harry Potter and are looking for a new fantasy series to sink your teeth into, try The Fairy Godmother Academy books! These fantasy books are filled to the brim with magic and adventure, but they still manage to tell real-life stories about issues any modern (non-fairy) girl can relate to.

One of the best things about The Fairy Godmother series is that, besides being a great set of books, it's also a wonderful website where you can enter the world of The Fairy Godmother Academy, do activities both on- and offline, vote for things you'd like to see in the books and connect with other fans!
Check out their website at:

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