Being Thin & Small Can Suck

Some peeps are bigger and heavier and they get teased about it. But, did you know peeps also get teased for being small? Life Coach Lisa helps out a Kidzworld member who gets bugged for being tiny. Back to Article

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justicegirly wrote:
2012-03-05 17:13:15 -0800

like what kid of girls the ones that are your friends on kidzworld or what????

smethan wrote:
2012-03-03 13:56:03 -0800

I like girls that are small and thin.

justicegirly wrote:
2012-03-01 17:36:43 -0800

your right being thin and small sucks

lovenicegirl67 wrote:
2011-06-01 08:54:35 -0700


toulof wrote:
2011-04-22 13:35:32 -0700

I'm underweight to

Euniqueamazing4527 wrote:
2011-04-22 11:03:48 -0700

Yea ur right Steph..its soo demeaning

-Forever.Steph wrote:
2011-04-21 08:54:04 -0700

Again.! This is ANOTHER stupid thing so i have to say wtf.........No Comment.!

SydneyLovesU wrote:
2011-04-21 08:50:57 -0700

im underweight

PeAcE gUrl
PeAcE gUrl wrote:
2011-04-19 09:43:57 -0700

Meh friend is one of the smallest girls in the class...and she told me shes underweight....bad mix.

sweetkitty12 wrote:
2010-05-05 07:40:40 -0700

i feel the same way Frown i am one of the thinnest ones in my class and the thing not anorexic and im perfectly heathy!
no boys like me...the ones i like dont like me back...there was this girl a school who got mad at me and calld me a "stupid anorex

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