Being Thin & Small Can Suck

Some peeps are bigger and heavier and they get teased about it. But, did you know peeps also get teased for being small? Life Coach Lisa helps out a Kidzworld member who gets bugged for being tiny. Back to Article

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justicegirly wrote:
2012-03-05 17:13:15 -0800

like what kid of girls the ones that are your friends on kidzworld or what????

smethan wrote:
2012-03-03 13:56:03 -0800

I like girls that are small and thin.

justicegirly wrote:
2012-03-01 17:36:43 -0800

your right being thin and small sucks

lovenicegirl67 wrote:
2011-06-01 08:54:35 -0700


toulof wrote:
2011-04-22 13:35:32 -0700

I'm underweight to

Euniqueamazing4527 wrote:
2011-04-22 11:03:48 -0700

Yea ur right Steph..its soo demeaning

-Forever.Steph wrote:
2011-04-21 08:54:04 -0700

Again.! This is ANOTHER stupid thing so i have to say wtf.........No Comment.!

SydneyLovesU wrote:
2011-04-21 08:50:57 -0700

im underweight

PeAcE gUrl
PeAcE gUrl wrote:
2011-04-19 09:43:57 -0700

Meh friend is one of the smallest girls in the class...and she told me shes underweight....bad mix.

sweetkitty12 wrote:
2010-05-05 07:40:40 -0700

i feel the same way Frown i am one of the thinnest ones in my class and the thing not anorexic and im perfectly heathy!
no boys like me...the ones i like dont like me back...there was this girl a school who got mad at me and calld me a "stupid anorex

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

You can probably search for cute plus size clothes on the internet to find places that sell clothes that fit. As for style just wear what you feel comfy in.
reply about 3 hours
hieverybody22 posted in Style:
help!! all my friennds are tiny and the only clothes that I feel comfy in is my mums... please help me alittleBIGproblem
reply about 3 hours
mcdonaldburger posted in Friends:
IM REALLY WASTED RIGHT NOWBUT LOOK LISTEN... MAH BOI DABEASTFROMDAEAST GONNA HAVE A REAL SPECIAL DAY TODAY, IT'S his birthday sorry im sick of caps but it's his birthday and i want him to have a splendid good time so if there are any ladies out there please give him a message and chat him up im sure he's really looking forward to it to be honest all he does is look at his inbox waiting for people to message him nobody ever does i feel bad for the lad but anyway it's his birthday and i think he's gettting kicked off kidzworld cause he passed the age limit, actually i think he passed it a few years ago but whatever message him while u can he's a real great fellow looking for a good time no strings attached unless u want to he's desperate for a gf anyway happy birthday my lad, cheers mate
reply about 8 hours
Hiya. My cousin is getting married next Wednesday! The only thing is I really don't want to go. This may sound disrespectful and/or rude, but I don't really get along with his fiancé. I can't talk to her properly (incredibly stiff and hard to talk to her) and I don't think she likes me that much. Also, I'm kinda (largely) unsocial in big groups, and the fiancé apparently has a giant family coming. -.- Also, my dog -which we brought home a few months ago- hasn't had proper vaccinations (we found out she was slightly neglected and had matts everywhere. It must've been so painful) and can't get her into a kennel place (Kennel cough) or dog sitting service on such short notice. My mum will probably be staying home with her and dad and sister is going. But mum can't really say "I have to look after the dog" because they'll find it disrespectful and my cousin and his fiancé doesn't really like my at home family. The last resort is to make a excuse (but my mum doesn't really want to lie) and I'd like to make the excuse of I'm ill and mum needs to take care if me. If I have to go, does anyone have tips for going to a wedding you don't want to go to. sorry for long post,
reply about 15 hours
Tamara97 posted in Family Issues:
"animefreakXD" wrote:YES ,they are very, very strict. I can easily get punished if I do something wrong. I have to have A's and B's, act like an angel, and make sure the whole house is clean in order to stay out of trouble.
reply about 17 hours