Greeting Cards Get Oversized & Personal

They’re colorful, customized and personalized – greeting cards that are sometimes bigger than the people who receive them! come in three LARGE sizes: 4 feet, 3 feet and 2 feet tall. So forget everything you thought you knew about greeting cards and get ready to go LARGE!

Each is customizable online and lets you upload digital photos onto the card. No other greeting card you can buy is as large and can be personalized online and shipped within 48 hours - with no extra shipping costs!

There are six greeting card categories on the site pre-loaded with templates to help you get started. Just choose a template, and use the online design tools to quickly and easily customize a card for a friend or family member. The greeting card categories include: Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, Valentine, Thinking of You and Wedding. The are also great for holidays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements and more.

Some of the more unique include:

  • a card of four feet tall roses cut into the shape of a vase of roses
  • a four feet tall money tree where 75 dollar bills can be pasted on the oversized card. are printed on corrugated plastic and are 100% recyclable. Plus, you can add a gift card to your purchase and included in their delivery. Watch for more templates coming to soon!

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Cash or Cards?

  • I'd rather have the cash, anyday.
  • I can get cash easy, cool cards are tough to get!

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"Savvysarus" wrote:scared :/ You okay? Concerned, nervous, tired, a little pained, but happy. 
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