Dear Dish-It: My BFF Hates Listening To My Problems

gem365 asks: "My so-called BFF hates it when I talk about my problems. Like today, she complained when I started to talk about my boyfriend. You see, she had dated him before me and hates when I say his name." Back to Article

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xXGawdImEmoXx wrote:
2014-07-17 08:45:38 -0700

What a sticky situation

xfacorchic wrote:
2012-10-03 14:11:35 -0700

I think you should find another friend,
your so called best friends doesn't deserve you!

ktcheetogirl wrote:
2012-05-19 09:18:29 -0700

My "friend" is the same way. All she talks about is HER problems, it's so annoying, isn't it? Ugh. Whenever I say something about my problems, she says, "I've heard that before..." and I just wanna pull my hair out!

kellie11_1908431 wrote:
2011-10-07 15:55:56 -0700

if your bff hates it she/he is not really your bff

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-07-10 04:36:12 -0700

see that

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-07-10 04:36:06 -0700

He might have broken her heart and might break your too and your BFF doesn't want to see that..

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-07-10 04:35:36 -0700

Well.. I don't think shes jealous, I just think that she thinks its a bad idea because maybe something happened to her that might happen to you?

pumkinpie623 wrote:
2011-06-18 04:05:50 -0700

my bff always tells me to shhhhhhhhh and i think i shoud not be her best friend any more

CookieAngel wrote:
2011-06-09 02:21:12 -0700

She's Either Jealous Or She's Not A Good Friend At ALL... :l

kc1000 wrote:
2011-05-24 12:33:35 -0700

ikr Indifferent

niyagirl wrote:
2010-07-10 02:21:26 -0700

why wold you go with ur bff ex! thats cold.

singing_girl_12_8 wrote:
2010-04-25 12:40:35 -0700

if she hates listening to your problems then she is not a friend. friendship goes 2 ways. you have to give it to get it. i sugest you find a real friend that wil listen to you and you will listen to them.
let me know how it goes.

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I would say just talk to the guy an ask him, but I know you would be scared. But anyway, just take it slow. Talk to the guy, an try to be friends with him. If he shows any signs of him liking you.. For example: He likes looking at you, tries to make you laugh, or likes being around you.. then that's mostly a sign.
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