Green Day: Rock Band :: Wii Game Review

Green Day is ready to break it down in the 21st Century with the latest in the Rock Band series. Check out our review to see if this game is the real deal or just one for American Idiots. Back to Article

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AngelBoy192 wrote:
2014-03-16 19:40:44 -0700

I have this game on Play Stashen

Firegal001 wrote:
2010-12-18 01:12:54 -0800

I personally really enjoy the game. The grittiness of the game is amazing- The fancy quality of the Beatles game just wouldn't work.

Unfortunately, a lot of fan fave songs were taken out- Particularly King For A Day, but that was most likely because of the somewhat sexual nature to the song. Still, I was dissapointed with that because it's probably one of their funnest songs.

All in all, though- awesome game.

Britney912 wrote:
2010-06-16 17:10:51 -0700

hi cassie912

Britney912 wrote:
2010-06-16 17:10:35 -0700

so whats up????

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Who's the Best Rock Band?

  • I really dig Nickelback.
  • Sum 41 kicks!
  • Blink-182 is the best.
  • Tool squashes them all!

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