Au Natural Makeup

We all want to look our best without looking like we've caked on the makeup! Makeup should make you look fresh and healthy. Believe us when we say teens don't need a lot of makeup to look pretty so don't cover up your natural beauty! Back to Article

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2014-02-12 17:01:54 -0800

I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY MAKEUP! Haha! Jk. I wear lip stick, lip gloss, blush, and eye shadow every day.

Skittles4 wrote:
2014-02-12 16:12:38 -0800

I wear makeup but don't go so crazy with it

rockerlover wrote:
2014-02-12 16:09:08 -0800

i cant wear makeup but i wont go that cracra every morning lol

Hayhayits_DeAnna wrote:
2014-02-11 18:55:08 -0800

Never wore makeup bc I don't need any as of now! XD

JennyD wrote:
2014-02-11 18:53:38 -0800

I don't wear any of this

faithgal wrote:
2013-06-19 02:22:19 -0700

I like nutrual make up!

MilkyWay_Irina wrote:
2013-06-19 00:23:38 -0700

Love make up

Crush333 wrote:
2013-01-19 23:43:56 -0800

I love make up

Lottie is Here xx
Lottie is Here xx wrote:
2012-09-08 02:16:46 -0700


myiracle wrote:
2011-02-13 07:53:32 -0800

wat do you mean

Totia ;)
Totia ;) wrote:
2010-06-18 02:03:06 -0700

Ok i do agree but i see one down side,MONEY,everything there was so expensive! YOU HAD MASCARA FOR 10 DOLLARS!!! advice from me,go to the dollar store,wall greens,or even wall mart!! You don`t repeat don`t need to spend 50 dollars on make up.

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  • Sienna Miller.
  • Mary-Kate Olsen.
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Dear Dish-It in the forums

bani11 posted in Style:
I have seen many girls wear leggings in my school and its fine to me but now things have changed. I don't think girls should wear leggings  to school if they are wearing them as pants! Many girls wear leggings in my school as pants! And I don't like it because one it shows your but and two they think it is a fashion trend well newsflash people it's not! Now every single day there would be everybody but me and a couple other girls wear leggings and I am getting sick and tired of it, really! I mean if you want to wear leggings wear them appropriately!
reply 18 minutes
iittsslizzie2 posted in Style:
before i give my thoughts, what do you usually like to wear during summer? shorts, jeggings, etc.?
reply about 8 hours
Bloodybear posted in Friends:
um.... my best friend, she acting weird this week. she asked a lot about and whatever.  I just dont know why she did dah to me. she is my classmate and we just friends. 
reply about 12 hours
Ashleexo posted in Family Issues:
"Brianna09" wrote:Most of the time I am not allowed on the internet in my room so they will know what I am doing anytime they want. Its for your own protection Brianna. There is alot of inappropriate stuff on there for a 9 year old. I went through the same and around 12 they stopped controlling what I am looking at.
reply about 13 hours
tanaj952 posted in Friends:
I think we all go through it,  I am right now. Keep your chin up, smile on, and remember that to be mean these girls have to sink pretty low, and if they are bullying you, YOU ARE ABOVE THEM!!!!! Keep your friends close, never forget to be who you are (as cheesy as it sounds, thats what I did and now I am really happy with loads of friends. I also told a teacher, she sorted it all out pretty quick to.) . Last thing-tell a teacher. I did, and she talked to the mean girl. Now everyone knows I'm not afraid to do it, either. Bad times will pass, and good ones will come. Look after yourself. Xx. *virtual hugs*
reply 1 day