Dear Dish-it: Help Me Get Over My Shyness

shy-as-a-deer asks: "I am a really shy girl. Whenever I have to present a presentation to the class, I always a bad job at it. AND, I don't really have the courage to talk to make friends. Can you help me get out of my shyness?" Back to Article

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kidthesick wrote:
2011-11-02 20:16:03 -0700

I give Presentations and I laugh and the class is liike 0_0 (What the Hell did she eat today?) xD

Airbell11 wrote:
2011-09-24 09:25:32 -0700

when i present my face feels hot nervous but i move on and project my voice

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-09-23 04:29:44 -0700

Grin I did a performance at school and I did well! Grin I'm so proud of myself. Big Grin

Happy Heart7
Happy Heart7 wrote:
2011-09-22 16:00:56 -0700

I always hate presenting, but it is part of life and we all go through it. Frustrated But, the best thing to do is just practice. Practice makes better/perfect. Blush

Masterman393 wrote:
2011-09-22 14:42:03 -0700


Diberius167 wrote:
2011-09-22 14:06:03 -0700

add me

Artsygirl2 wrote:
2011-09-22 14:03:55 -0700

i was shy too, but i got over it, now i'm a little shy

hey its lexi
hey its lexi wrote:
2011-09-22 12:30:38 -0700

haha my ex bf is really shy its soo cuteee haha lolz

PrincessCamisha972 wrote:
2011-09-12 13:39:56 -0700

Dish It thanks it really works

awsomebubbles2011 wrote:
2011-07-16 14:07:29 -0700

woww it really works

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-07-05 09:55:59 -0700

I am soo shy. Thanks for the advice, Dish it!

lauren!64 wrote:
2011-06-28 10:24:59 -0700

im very shy and this article helped me thanks dish it!!!!!!!

ocalais147 wrote:
2011-06-15 02:39:45 -0700

Im the same way. Im very shy!

ChuSayWha098 wrote:
2011-06-15 01:27:49 -0700

i used to feel that way, but i finally realized i didn't have almost any friends... i figured it was go time, and one day i finally lost all of my fears Big Grin now you could threaten to hit me and i wouldn't care!

NetbookNerd01 wrote:
2011-01-24 03:54:53 -0800

its okay im like that and this article really helped thanks Blush

Olivia0054 wrote:
2010-12-08 09:48:59 -0800

don't worry i have you pain sometimes! just be your self!

nicholeluvsu wrote:
2010-07-13 03:02:06 -0700

i used to be like that but if u do mess up laugh at yourself trust me it works

bubbassissy wrote:
2010-07-13 02:28:54 -0700

yea i has the same way i was so shy that is why i allways got scared Frown Confused

virgogyrl wrote:
2010-07-03 02:31:37 -0700

dear shy-as-a-dear i used to be the same way. But what i realized was i was afraid of what people might think of me. i was afraid people might laugh people will talk bad about me i was holding myself back. But the point is you dnt hav to be scared of what

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