Organic Beauty Products

There’s been a boom of natural and organic beauty products over the past few years that makes it so much easier for us to be eco-conscious in choosing our makeup and skincare. At Kidzworld, we care about the environment and what we put on our skin! Back to Article

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slushpuppy20_2542966 wrote:
2013-08-29 08:19:31 -0700


JennyD wrote:
2013-07-19 11:36:59 -0700


Toxic Candyz
Toxic Candyz wrote:
2012-01-31 23:29:25 -0800

i dont need to be beauttiful i just wanna be myself i dont need makeup or anything like that...

haterz~gonna~hate~me_2016467 wrote:
2012-01-31 15:37:25 -0800

u should not do anything to try to be beautiful god made us perfect the way we are ur only messing up his creations by using make-up and beauty products

britney87 wrote:
2011-06-02 14:53:27 -0700

Im nine but i know this stuff cause of my sis
and that no scent lip balm thingy works really good.

haley.bieber1fan wrote:
2011-04-11 21:54:27 -0700

I love anything organic

1996cuttie_1562487 wrote:
2010-12-21 14:06:31 -0800

i really have issues with pimples will this products actually help?

ashley1432 wrote:
2010-09-28 10:56:51 -0700

will it make me look pretty

flowerface123 wrote:
2010-07-19 05:05:47 -0700

This may help out with teens!

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Worst Beauty Regiment? Vote!

  • Wearing a corset to look skinner.
  • Plucking to shape your eyebrows.
  • Waxing your legs... Ouch!
  • Rinsing your mouth with acid.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Hi so many of you know me, because I'm mostly trying to help others, but I just need help. I'll try to explain best I can. Okay, yestrday I came home from work, and went over to my neighbors. I wasn't in my room long enough for a minute until my dad came busting in, extemely mad, and um, #####. Not even explaining himself, he just went on a rampage and threw away a lot of my stuff, while I was in the shower. I've never seen his anger like this, not to me at least. And, I just don't know what to do, because I hate to admt it but I'm scared... So.. any suggestions? thanks.
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Kirsteeeeen posted in Friends:
Cyberbullying is just as serious as bullying offline. You should report them, block, and ignore. But if it's a continuous thing you should talk to an adult about it! It doesn't matter if you're on the other side of the world, there are many things law enforcement, even worldwide, can do to take steps in making sure it stops and doesn't happen to anyone else.
reply about 5 hours
Jelly3 posted in Style:
One braid :p 
reply about 9 hours
MagicalAnjali posted in Style:
hair puff with side pony
reply about 11 hours
onychair posted in Style:
i have now getting more hair extension for my hair to look pretty in my school between all of students. straight hair closure
reply about 11 hours