Dear Dish-It, He Says I'm Too Young

I like this guy, and he likes me, but he's in 10th grade and I'm in 7th! He said he'd go out with me but that I'm still too young! Back to Article

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Reichminister361 wrote:
2012-05-05 07:08:48 -0700

There is nothing wrong with going out with someone older than you. If your truly love them tell there is nothing wrong with going with someone younger. Even the Führer got with someone younger than him.

landakasha wrote:
2012-05-02 14:54:26 -0700

i like sum1 but i think he thinks im 2 young

I'mma Belieber
I'mma Belieber wrote:
2012-05-02 12:55:03 -0700

well age doesn't really matters,my dad 10 years older then my mom!!

EmzyLou wrote:
2012-05-02 11:44:17 -0700

well obviously hes not gunna go out wiv u ur wat 4 years yunger than him? x

ILY Tanya ILY wrote:
2012-04-12 09:27:25 -0700

Man If your really in love age dont matter
and plus It's only wrong if He his a Adult god your facts right youngin's

shiney wrote:
2011-10-01 07:54:17 -0700

of course, age matters.... Many misunderstandings can happen due 2 this.....

taylor_is_here wrote:
2011-03-07 12:14:20 -0800

Well it doesn't really matter how old he is. It matters how much you to like each other.

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Does Age Really Matter?

  • Age ain't nothing but a number.
  • Yeah, age matters when you are dating someone.
  • It depends on the stiuation.
  • My 'rents sure seem to think so!

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

heyitsangel posted in Style:
reply about 5 hours
What part of it are you scared of? Is it eating in public and around other people, or just eating in general?  What it might be, if it's eating in public you don't like, is social anxiety, or social phobia. You should ask your doctor to check, because if it is, they can offer you ways to help. For instance, they might recommend therapists or group sessions to help ease your fear.  Even if it's just a phobia or, in unlikelier circumstances, an eating disorder, you should still go to your doctor or a therapist so you can try to overcome it. Try doing things that calm you down before these situations as well, like exercise, reading or listening to music (I'm not sure what relaxes you but sometimes these help). Also, you should try to slowly get used to the situations. So don't force yourself to eat straight away when you're out, but slowly start doing so whenever your comfortable with doing so. Unlike your mum wants, you can't just "stop" being scared because that's not how it works.  But right now, please don't force yourself into any of these situations. It's not good for your mental health to be forced to face a phobia of yours often. 
reply about 6 hours
Dear Dish-It, Within the last few years I have felt a bit sick and shaky when we go out to eat. It's not so bad when it's a carvery lunch or something at a pub, but settling down for a chocolate brownie and a milkshake shakes me up. Don't get me wrong, I love going out with Mum, but it's just sitting down and taking a bite. I want to chuck it in the bin. I love eating brownies and stuff at home and I'm pretty healthy. But I refuse to go to the town before lunch in fear. Mum told me I got to stop this or I'm going to develop a terrible phobia.  Please help! ElfyKathy, worried
reply about 6 hours
She isn't jealous she is just dissappointed that you chose to get lessons when she did to get better . She had to get better to catch up to you so you can enjoyher as your best friend. Then you went ahead and got lessons as if you needed them. She is just upset that you showed off a talent that she didn't have. And she tried to get better to impress you but you got better as well. Which kept her at the stage she will always be at my best friend sings way betyer than me but I try. 
reply about 7 hours
It may be hard but break it down to them we aren't friends but we can be associates. It may leave them a bit dissappointed but tell them we aren't in the same category to be as close as friends. 
reply about 7 hours